Maron: Marc on Talking Dead
May 8, 2014 7:47 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Maron returns for a second season, this time with a girlfriend he loves and an attempt to capitalize on his rising star status as he hopes to score a talk show.

And of course Maron being Maron, 30 minutes later almost everything comes crashing down to earth as he loses his girlfriend and bombs on TV.
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It was weird to see Marc happy in love but I forgot the season finale last year was his girlfriend having to move in. Still, for a guy that trades on how miserable he is all the time, it was weird to see him express some happiness.

Loved seeing Sarah Silverman and Chris Hardwick on the show. Apparently Maron in real life killed on last night's @Midnight show, hosted by Hardwick so I suspect the "beef" on the Maron show was entirely fictional.

The scenes with Jen's Dad were priceless, as was the early jewelery shopping sequence. Overall, a nice re-entry into the miserable Marc Maron universe.
posted by mathowie at 7:51 PM on May 8, 2014

I thought the first season was just okay, but I was hoping the show would find its footing in this season. If this episode is any indication, it hasn't, and probably never will.

It was pretty terrible from top to bottom. Far worse than anything last year. The situations were not remotely believable, the dialogue was clunky and exposition-heavy, the acting was wooden, and, worst of all, aside from Sarah Silverman's all-too-brief appearance, there were no laughs. Not one.

Something that really bugged me: The idea that Chris Hardwick isn't really a nerd is something Fred Stoller said in his WTF interview, and while it made sense in that context--Fred Stoller is a nerd biologically, and was taking issue with people like Hardwick who are merely nerds culturally by choice--and with the knowledge that Chris Hardwick is the host of the Nerdist podcast; that context is gone (Maron is not a nerd in any sense) and the Nerdist podcast wasn't mentioned at all in the episode. The line just doesn't make any sense if neither party has any established connection to nerds or nerdery. And knowing about the Nerdist podcast just makes things all the more confusing when Hardwick puts Maron down for hosting a podcast.
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Yeah, the Hardwick thing was kind of weird. The "beef" between them is somewhat real, the next night that Maron was on @Midnight, Chris made a big deal about how Maron is always cutting him down and has been for the last 20 years and while they were joking you could see some truth to it.

Strangely, I have some more insider knowledge on this. My wife dated Chris in college (back when Hardwick was roommates with Wil Wheaton) and she says he was a bona fide nerd, way into comics, math, and bowling (his dad was a pro bowler). Chris used to intern at KROQ, the big alternative cool radio station in Los Angeles, and eventually he got a show, then he got on MTV, and I think the transition from nerd with blond hair and blue eyes got turned into TV guy that hosted popular dating shows for young people on MTV and he kind of had to hide his nerd past.

I remember an interview with Chris when he got the Wired Science show briefly on PBS (I think around 2006 or so?) and how happy he was to return to his nerd past and revel in it, and I remember thinking "this pretty boy from MTV thinks he's a nerd" and my wife corrected me and I remember being impressed by how much he did know about science when that show started and how well done it was.

I suspect other people have problems thinking of him as nerdy since he's fairly good looking and doesn't come off as a dork we're used to seeing as nerds.
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As for the last season, I think the first season was rocky but there are a few gems. The dead possum under the house episode is probably my favorite.
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The episode was uneven but I actually really enjoyed Sarah Silverman (which is not usually the case). I enjoyed the episode even if it wasn't in full Maron swing.

I also enjoyed portions of the Hardwick story. Comedians are often times EXACTLY like that to each other in green rooms...especially if there's any kind of actual bad history involved. Some of it came off as stilted but there was enough air of truthiness about it to make it real for me. I realize some people want pure fantasy from tv but I really enjoy getting hit over the noodle with those types of real life thought processes from comedic tv shows because I love how deadly serious most comedians can be. (I used to work with comedians and if you want reality just get into a real conversation with a trusted comedian friend.)

One thing that bothered me was that they're using a different house facade - that was not the spanish bungalow exterior we saw all last season. It's a minor quibble but one I commented on out loud to my computer about.
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