Regular Show: Not Great Double Date
June 22, 2015 7:54 PM - Season 6, Episode 23 - Subscribe

Margaret asks a coworker to fake being her boyfriend on a double date with CJ and Mordecai.
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There are new episodes every day this week, like last week's Stevenbomb.

I really enjoyed this episode, even though it relitigated the old Mordecai/Margaret/CJ relationship drama. I felt it was straightforward and consistently funny, which is basically all you really need.

My favorite part was the Archer-style voicemail gag, which was probably more for the reference than the actual content. My favorite original joke was the entire thing about tetherball, the whole situation was just so banal and absurd.
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I don't know that I'd say re-litigated, considering Margaret finally actually came clean with Mordo and C.J. about how she really feels. She's right to be hurt, too. It's not fair to feel excluded from her friends' lives. She lives with Eileen, but anytime Eileen is going to see Rigby and by extension Mordecai and C.J., Margaret gets to stay home. This time Margaret gets to pull a Mordecai because she's the one who isn't sure of herself now.

On the other hand, if Mordecai hadn't have Mordecaied it all up at Steak Me Amedeus, maybe Margaret wouldn't have left in tears and maybe they could have figured something out. Instead he spent months mooning over her, then found C.J., with whom he has a much stronger relationship.

Which is probably quite enough analysis of a show whose next episode is going to be “Death Kwon Do-livery.”

P.S. Anybody have a still of the pages Rigby wrote. I didn't think to pause and examine them closely before I deleted the episode.
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My favorite part was the Archer-style voicemail gag, which was probably more for the reference than the actual content.

The thing that sold it for me was the "leave your message at the beep... rigbeep."
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I forgot to mention Eileen's totally sweet portrait of Carl Sagan hanging above the couch.
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Rigby's Magnum Opus, transcribed during the repeat tonight:

THE JUNGLE. Hot and dangerous we hear 
the distant SCREECH of WILD GIBBONS.

Suddenly, MARGARET stumbles out of the
trees. Early 20's, Journalism major, 
Kinda hot.

Margaret's studying abroad through 
a foreign exchange-student-thing.

               but it's not the heat,
                   the humidity.

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