My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 257: Swag Dads
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Happy belated Father's Day to you and yours! Assuming that you and yours are all dads, that is. If that's the case -- do you want to set up a super chill group hang for Swag Dads? We'll take our answer off the air.   Suggested talking points: Applebee's, Cloudnoon, NAD, Episode Sync, Baby Rubs, Travis Interrupted, Brice's YOLO Dad
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One of the better insane commercials in this one, when they were selling the mattress that you get to sleep on for a few months to decide if you like it, and Travis said "Plenty of time to fill it with farts," and then he and Justin discussed it for a minute with Griffin repeatedly calling out their names in shock.

The interrupting McElroys were superb as well.
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The Cloudnoon song just killed me. The entire Applebee's/Guy Fieri bit was great too.

A Vine from the famed Griffin/Justin/Lin-Manuel Fierimeal: .@griffinmcelroy, @lin_manuel and I aren't ready. #fieriwalkwithme (Vine by @JustinMcElroy)

(Fieri Walk With Me is still one of the best puns ever.)
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I loved the bit about Tony Hawk's son named Boneless 360º and then his second son named Ollie.
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