Rick and Morty: Raising Gazorpazorp
June 30, 2015 7:26 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Morty fathers an alien/human hybrid with an innate desire to kill and destroy and in the process, learns an important lesson on parenthood. As Morty deals with responsible parenting, Rick and Summer travel to a planet to find the alien's origin only to find themselves caught up in an advanced society of women and a fight over the propriety of female dimension/space traveling.
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Are we just going to pretend this isn't happening?
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Where's your hands?
There's your hands!

Seldom a day goes by where my wife and I don't sing this.
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The episode did a lot to show off Morty's own convictions and I'm starting to really frame the show as an overarching story of a teenage boy's experiences going through puberty and growing up. We have an exploration of the body, the desire to stop being the 'kid' and be the follower, and in this instance, the ramifications of sex and fatherhood. The whole flu mutation thing can definitely be attributed to anxiety about social events with the opposite sex.

Going back to this specific episode, I stopped counting how many references to the female sexual anatomy the background artists could sip into the women alien interiors. I seriously doubt any other televised animation has ever accomplished that feat so overwhelmingly.

I do have to detract for how close they pushed what was going to be a gang rape of Summer by the male aliens. I think they probably could have conveyed the issue just as well without going there.
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I'm here if you need to talk.
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"You ever notice the ones with bad bangs always have three names?"
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The "party clown" burn made me burst out laughing, totally baffling my husband. This episode could be used in film classes about sexist jokes. It's seriously master-level woman-mocking. I usually hate that sort of thing in moderation, but given the density here I was too impressed to be offended.
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The sex robot having robocop's helmet both amused and disturbed me. The Footloose bit just made me laugh.

"Life is effort and I'll stop when I die."

"You don't think he'll turn into a monster... do you?" "They always do."

"Still think it's a good idea to go through holes without a weener?"

"The lower tier of this society is being manipulated through sex and advanced technology by a hidden ruling class. Sound familiar?" "Ticketmaster."

"I'm sorry Summer. I feel bad that I let you drag us into this."

"Mark Jacobs? These are names of the penis."

"I hate videogames." "You take that back!"
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Jerry, majoring in civics was your mistake, don't punish us for it.
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