BoJack Horseman season 2 coming JULY 17 : O
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guys I am so excited and I don't even know what to do how should we handle making FanFare things for it this time
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hey there no punctuation or line breaks

looking good there with that big jumble of incoherent excitement
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Hello, other adult!

I'm also super excited and happy to go along with whatever the consensus is about how to FF this.
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I, too, am excited about Season 2.
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omg omg omg omg I can not wait. I re-watched season one recently, and I almost never ever re-watch tv. I think I loved it even MORE the second time around. I will participate in however we structure threads, but let's be honest I am going to be crazed and bleary-eyed after watching the entire thing in one go, because I am mature and rational like Vincent Adultman.
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Are we sure this season isn't just three nine year old boys in a trench coat?
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So should we handle this by just making a bunch of individual threads all at once, or one a day, or what? I am earnestly stumped here because on the one hand, it would be inconvenient to have to wait until I've watched the whole season to come here at all about it. On the other hand, it would be weird and bad to flood FanFare all at once.

How have other Netflix series been handled so far? I am too lazy to check.
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That's really a question that has not had a definitive answer. It's been a mixture of posting everything at once versus spreading things out over a day or two between episodes. The problem is just the rate of watching. Some folks binge it all at once and want to talk about everything and others take their time. For season one, I probably took a couple weeks mosey my way through it.

It might be worthwhile to look back at the other full season dropped at once shows to see the results. I just glanced at Grace and Frankie, which had the first half of the season sort of staggered and then dumped the final six episodes all at once. The comments for the back half just fell away completely and in one case, garnering zero on one post.

Tracicle had a suggestion that was probably the best of both worlds, one post for the binge watchers who gobbled down a show and then staggered releases for those taking their time or wanting to be able to discuss each episode alone.

Perhaps this could be done? Maybe convince the Mods to add a new tag, "Binge" and just make one post - and simply use the episode title field to note, "Episodes 1 - 13." Then everyone not participating in that thread can work with the usual format with releases being every couple days.
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Season 2 trailer
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Warning about Going To Maine's link: there's an autoplaying loop.
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O man, suddenly I feel terrible for everyone in the coffee shop. Sorry guys! I was listening to my phone!
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Watched the first four episodes of the new season last night and they are 100% on par with the first season. Looking forward to the remaining two thirds!
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