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When successful internet entrepreneur Robert Hoquim died, the people who knew him found out they actually didn't know him at all.
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Featuring MeFi's own jscott!
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jazon - I'd imagine so. Looks like Alex has asked a couple of questions related to his work before.

Emanuel - good catch!
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The dude talking about how he almost got killed and ended up blowing off the guys index finger, in a calm matter-of-fact manner like he was describing his commute that day. That guy. I dream of one day being that calm and collected about anything.

Reply All has been really hitting it out of the park, for me, with fascinating stories that break out of the internet and into meat-space. Which is nice. Often the media gives us stories that are "Oh look at these freaks on the internet, how weird are they?", and Reply All instead is all "hey lets go down this insane internet-hole and see where it leads us" and more often than not it ends up not really being about the internet specifically, but is exactly about the internet because the internet is not some magical other-land where we ride surfboards down highways of information, the internet is us and our crazy-lives and stories.
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I enjoyed this episode quite a lot, it was a good mix of nostalgia and true crime.

I only had one beef with the entire thing, and that was the title and the hook of the whole show was about jscott finding this weird "don't interact with this person" file on a server, but as listeners coming to the story for the first time, I don't think it was explained how that file came to be or what the impact of it was after it started spreading to other BBSes. I feel like a little 30-sec interview with the BBS owner that made it might connect the dots for me, because when the show was finished, I couldn't help but think "huh, was the BBS Jason got the file from the same person in the story that built all those computers in Minnesota that got ripped off?" Or was taht someone else? Did it cause the guy to adopt the new name and flee the BBS scene? Was it the only reason the guy changed his name and left, or was the stealing many computers what drove him to do that?

Other than that tidbit, it was one of the strongest shows they've done and I loved every second of it. It was like an entire season of Serial plus Mystery Show plus ReplyAll in one episode.
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