Books and/or games?
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I'm pretty sure that discussions of books, at least, were in the vague long-term plans for FanFare, and I was just curious if there are any updates on that from the mods.

The idea of games came up for me while reading this post on Her Story and wanting a place to discuss it with spoilers, although now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I should just head to MeFightClub for that type of thing. Books seem like they'd be reasonably easy to do on a technical level, and I'd love to have a place to discuss them here. Anyways, I know none of this stuff happens without conversations about it, so I'm just curious whether those conversations have been happening.
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Sorry, nothing new to report about adding books. Last month we discussed it in MetaTalk, here: Books books books?

With any media type addition the hurdle isn't technical. We're trying to help the site grow in a way that encourages good discussions. Right now we have an abundance of posts on FanFare that don't always have the critical mass required for a good discussion. We don't want that to happen with books which present an even greater challenge to getting people together around the time of consumption than a single episode of a television show, movie, or podcast. Books present a different type of challenge. It's something we want to add someday and we're thinking about ways to make it happen.
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Thanks for the update pb, I guess I must have missed the metatalk thread.
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What about music?

I'd love to talk about music.

I'd also love a space to rant about how Game of Thrones is terrible, and I'm angry at myself for spending so much time reading it.
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What pb said; Books is definitely next on our list but we don't want to eff it up, and I'm enthusiastic about getting to games eventually but for sure Mefightclub is a great option for game discussion stuff already if you're interested (and I know for a fact they've got a Her Story thread there because I keep not reading it because I haven't played yet and it's always right up at the top every day).

Music we don't have any specific plan for at the moment, though I dig why people would be interested. That's sort of an odd specialty case, too, given that we actually have the Music subsite but it's focused so specifically on actual original recordings by mefites. There is a Music Talk section over there where broaching a random music-related topic would be okay, for what it's worth.
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