Halt and Catch Fire: Working For The Clampdown
July 13, 2015 7:03 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Gordon finally comes clean about his condition to Donna and starts a new project. Jacob is impressed by Admiral Eyebrows' plans for Mutiny. Cameron isn't.

Meanwhile, as Joe sells his plan to Boz and Tom, the Mutiny kids discover Westgroup's offer, and not everyone was happy with Cameron's decision, and then, tragedy strikes.

Navigating some health concerns by Donna, Gordon starts a mail order open-architecture computer business from his garage and quickly builds a working prototype.
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When I watch this show I feel like we're in one of Mutiny's text adventures: a maze of twisty passages all alike with surprises around every corner. There's an awful lot of plotlines going on here. So far I'm still enjoying it, mostly because of the tech nostalgia. I'm just afraid it'll collapse under the weight of all these stories.

I'm glad Joe pulled his head out of his ass & had his moment of enlightenment to see what a destructive force he is. But I have no idea where his character can go from here (in a narrative sense; I know he's moving to CA with Sarah).
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The nostalgia keeps me going. I think a lot of the performances are quite good (John Bosworth is a great character, I really like what they did with him), but some are overplayed a bit to the point that it strains what feels real. But I don't care because... nostalgia, and I always dreamed about having my own startup one day that had something to do with video games.
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Well, that was an interesting payoff for Lev's revelation.

Classic misdirect of the opening scene. I was so worried Donna would be expressing guilt for her abortion AND THEN THE CAMERA PULLED OUT.
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"I can't take so much sunshine up ma ass, it makes me itch."

Bos. Rules. My. World.
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