Slack Variety Pack: Episode 6 - Panic Pack
July 28, 2015 3:19 PM - Subscribe

OH MY. Someone just stole all my passwords! My parents have NO clue what I do for a living!! I think my disposable coffee cup lid has been touched by a dozen strangers!!! AND I'm 12,500 feet under the ocean, stuck on the deck of the Titanic!!!... Welcome to Episode 6: The Panic Pack. Breathe in... breathe out. You're in a safe place now.


1. Parents Try Very Hard To Describe What Their Kids Do
Have you ever heard your parents try to explain what you do for a living? Perhaps you should. Because apparently, they don’t have a clue.

2. Leadership Lessons Learned On The Deck Of The Titanic
Dr. Joe MacInnis learns valuable leadership lessons every time he almost dies (which is surprisingly often). Discover what the brink of death can teach us all about what true leadership means.

3. How Etsy’s CEO Crafts A Productive Day
Chad Dickerson isn’t just the CEO of Etsy - he’s also a priority-driven powerhouse of productivity. Here are his tips to making the most of your time.

4. Strangers Reveal Their E-mail Passwords
A random sampling of people’s actual passwords proves comical and worrisome.

5. How Hackers Steal Your Password
Much like discovering how sausages are made, some things will keep you up at night. Welcome to your next nightmare - this is how hackers are trying to steal your passwords. (And what you can do to protect yourself.)

6. The Horrors Of Coffee Cup Lid Selection
Welcome to the most terrifying decision of your day that you’ve possibly never considered before - how do you get one of those plastic coffee cup lids off the stack without getting someone else’s germs in your mouth?

More details are available on the episode page, including links to individual SoundCloud segments.
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