Rectify: Girl Jesus
July 31, 2015 9:14 PM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Daniel struggles to follow the terms of his probation. Teddy pushes Tawney into making a painful confession. Janet loses her temper with Ted, Sr.

Daniel finds a measure of comfort in his pool painting job until a visit from his probation officer forces him to abandon the project for a frustrating day of paperwork and deadlines. Teddy tries to open up in couples’ therapy with Tawney, but quickly grows angry at her apparent distraction. As the investigation into George’s death continues, Trey returns to the Sheriff’s station for a few seemingly routine questions, only to learn that Sheriff Daggett’s discovered a match for the DNA found on Hanna Dean, raising more questions about the night she died.

After therapy, a worried Tawney admits to Teddy that Daggett wants to question her about the time she spent driving Daniel back from Florida. He tries to reassure her, but it soon becomes apparent to both that Daggett’s request is almost certainly related to George’s death. Jon meets with Amantha to discuss Daggett’s growing suspicions about Daniel’s role in George’s death. Exasperated by this news, she points out the flaws in Daggett’s theory, and Jon assures her that Daniel won’t go down for this crime. Daggett asks Tawney about her trip to Florida and she describes her conversation with Daniel on the drive back and their discussion of sin, redemption and forgiveness.

Daniel stops by Janet and Ted, Sr.’s house, finding progress in the kitchen renovation he couldn’t complete. He falls asleep on the couch, and wakes up to find an ominously cryptic Trey walking around the Talbot house. Sondra Person digs deeper into the past investigation of Hanna Dean’s murder and discovers that Chris Nelms was never questioned. Daggett offers some new information as well, leaving them both wondering how deeply Hanna and George’s deaths might be connected. Amantha comes home to find a frustrated Daniel still smarting from his earlier bureaucratic tangle. She’s proud of him for solving the problem, but he’s still unsettled. After his sister goes to bed, an overwhelmed Daniel vents his frustrations on the almost-finished pool. — Sundance's Episode Summary
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich (1 comment total)
I liked the scene where we could hear a talk radio chat about Daniel's case in the background and a woman call-in commented, "Banned from the state of Georgia? It hardly sounds like a punishment to me!", or words to that effect.
posted by Chitownfats at 10:16 AM on August 2, 2015

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