Angel: In the Dark   Rewatch 
August 6, 2015 7:04 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The first* crossover episode has Oz arriving at Angel Investigations, Inc.™®©, to deliver the Gem of Amarra. He's followed close behind by Spike, who indulges in a bit of torture before Doyle and Cordelia and Oz save the day. And of course, Broody McBrooderson decides it's better to stay in the shadows, destroying the Gem to prevent it from tempting him to be evilly invulnerable.

* -- Okay, there was that wink-wink phone call in the pilot, but this one counts.
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I love how consistently Spike's plans fail because he gets distracted.
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Spike's opening mockery of Angel here is still super fun, and really goes a long way towards reassuring me that this show is still going to have a sense of humour about itself. Angel has always been a somber, serious character, and the more the show can break out of that or tease itself the better.
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I think the destroying just makes good sense when you consider the inevitability of it falling into someone else's hands. After all, it fell into Angel's.
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Another Buffyverse character calling Angel a puppy (two in one crossover). I wonder if anyone has a list of how many times that happens.

The awkwardness in the "catching up with Oz" scene emphasizes the differences in the worlds and groups. It's pretty natural; how much would Oz and Cordelia have to talk about, post-high school, even under the best of circumstances?

I love how consistently Spike's plans fail because he gets distracted. Well, he is a slow learner.

This is Spike's first appearance on Angel, and he uses a brutal surgeon torturer on Angel named Marcus. Then, when he comes back as a main character in season five, he's tormented by a brutal surgeon torturer named Matthias. Full circle, I guess.

I just noticed that the titles of the crossover are "The Harsh Light of Day" and "In the Dark." To coin a Sunnydale phrase, "duh."
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