How to Be a Girl: Episode VIII: Meeting Laverne
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Earlier this year, my daughter got to meet the transgender TV star Laverne Cox. I wrote about it for my blog, and that heart-warming, feel-good post went crazy viral on the internet.  But there's more to the story.  Here it is. My daughter gave her first interview (to Amy Poehler's Smart Girls website): Check it out!Music credits: "Hearts Mend (Prelude)" by Rebecca Foon, "EDM Detection Mode" by Kevin MacLeod (, "nu pop2" by Plusplus.
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Absolutely loved this episode, so glad she has such a good role model in Laverne Cox and that she got to meet her.
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Years ago I wrote a long thing called How to Be a Girl: 101 Things Every Beginning Transvestite Should Know. It was rather popular for what it was, and got reprinted a lot online. It's pretty much fallen off the web since, only existing in little excerpts here and there. It's become an artifact of the Geocities era. As have I, really.

Every time I see the title of this podcast it's a tiny pinprick in my heart, reminding me that time marches on and eventually people will just build their shiny new cities on top of you, probably without ever having a clue you were there.
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