Shameless (US): Like Father, Like Daughter
August 12, 2015 6:01 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Frank finds his oldest child; Fiona meets her boyfriend’s brother.

Frank, hoping to get a liver transplant from his daughter, Sammi, impresses her by faking a rescue of her son, Chuckie, and they seem to click. Frank dodges questions about his family by charming her with his humor: “Do you have any kids?” “50 — I stack them like coasters.” “Why are you so funny?” “I’m high as a kite.” Sammi starts trying to passionately kiss Frank, but he pulls away.

Fiona and her boyfriend, Mike, have dinner at Mike’s family’s home. Mike’s brother, Robbie, an alcoholic who’s been sober for years, shows up late and makes a scene at the dinner table.

Later, Robbie tries to makes it up to Mike and Fiona by getting dinner with them. Robbie cajoles them into drinking too much so he can “drink vicariously through” them, and he listens to the story of how they almost had sex on a camping trip while Fiona had a boyfriend. In the car ride to Mike's house, Robbie tells Fiona his theory that everyone is some kind of addict. While Mike is in the bathroom after throwing up, Robbie and Fiona start having sex on Mike's kitchen counter, then freeze in a tableau when Mike staggers by them obliviously.

Lip seems to be the only student on his college campus who’s not caught in a one-minute “flash mob” tableau. After arguing with his supervisor about missing work because he needs more time to study, he angrily walks out on the job.

Sheila starts using a Christian dating site and meets the corny Roger Running Tree, who brings her flowers and serenades her.

Mickey, at the Alibi, wonders aloud why people find redheads attractive, then has sex with a red-haired woman in the bathroom. He has them switch to an unusual position.

When Fiona calls Mike’s number, Robbie picks up the phone. Fiona: “I’m not telling him. This did not happen.” Robbie: “Oh yes, it did. And it’s going to happen again, very soon … addict.”
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