The Real Housewives of New York City: Reunion Part 1
August 20, 2015 8:35 AM - Season 7, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Heather retires "holla," but not her beefs with some of her castmates. Carole defends herself against Luann's attack on her relationship with her niece's ex and Sonja's claims that she used to party with JFK Jr. Bethenny and Ramona share canned statements about their respective divorce proceedings. Dorinda mostly sits quietly. Kristen sits quietly and makes faces.
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Yay, so glad to find this thread. RHONYC (and the original OC) are my guilty secrets.

Luann is the most pretentious, pompous woman on TV. Holier than thou where other people's conduct is concerned, but who can forget Pirategate, when she cheated on her then long-time BF, Jacques, with a Johnny Depp lookalike. And then this season's shenanigans with the married man ...

I thought Carole came off best in this group, particularly when she was addressing Sonja's delusions. Poor Sonja, her fall from High Society has left her living in a Midtown version of Gray Gardens, a townhouse that's falling down around her ears, with a broken toilet, a garden full of dogshit and various clueless "interns" pandering to her crackpot ideas. I love how she takes a Sharpie to her old purses to hide the scratches. I'm amazed she got a single garment out for her clothing line. But nothing is in the stores, and I doubt there's going to be a SS2016 collection. She's too late for AW2015 already.

I was glad to see Bethenny come back. I always liked her, annoying though she can be. I thought that the Jill Zarin fallout was as real as you can get on reality TV. I think Bethenny is the kind of woman who has very few women friends because she's so abrasive, and the relationship she and Jill had seemed very genuine. They hung out a lot, had fun together (I remember Alison and Jill cracking up at Bethenny wearing a wig and impersonating Jill), I think Bethenny really cherished that friendship.

Bethenny had no idea, I believe, that Jill went to Bravo to get them to support her made-up story of being offended at Bethenny allegedly not asking after Bobby's cancer. Jill thought it'd be a "storyline" for a few weeks, but she went too far and Bethenny seemed to be genuinely hurt and bewildered at the way her friend had turned on her, not realising that this was Jill's storyline. I felt sad for her at the time.

Clearly, as you can tell, I spend far too much time watching this show. I love Ramona, batshit crazy as she is. I also like Dorinda, I think she's fun and feisty, but apt to get a little too combative when she's had a dirty martini or two.
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