Cutthroat Kitchen: Camp Cutthroat Part Two: Wet, Hot American Sabotage
August 21, 2015 12:04 AM - Season 9, Episode 32 - Subscribe

It's a balancing act for two chefs making a pancake breakfast. Then, someone gets their mind blown by a high-powered fan. Finally, everything is at stake during a steak dinner challenge. You can see the post-show judge review of sabotages here
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Wanted to drop a note about this in case anyone else was enjoying some delicious, delicious reality TV popcorn.
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I love Cutthroat Kitchen. I always try to guess at the dynamics and strategy of who is going to sabatage whom. I'm not sure how I feel about this camp thing, though. In general I like the tournaments, but I don't like that there's only three of them, and therefore only two rounds. Especially because the last of the normal three rounds is usually some sort of dessert, which is always fun.
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I wonder if Alton pitched the camp concept as an excuse to wear a beret.
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My wife and I have been enjoying the change up but are glad it's just a short time thing.

We have been wondering just what they are aloud to do/not do via the sabotages. Alton gave sort of tips like how the one contestant could be blocking the wind with large pot lids and the first thing we both thought with the canteens was "why not pound it flat for a better surface?" which to her credit she finally did.
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I enjoy Cutthroat Kitchen a great deal, but for some reason Camp CK is not doing it for me. Maybe I expected more interesting challenges, or maybe it's the three-person format, but I'm not as interested as I am during the regular edition. I'll keep watching to see if they get better, but I won't be sorry to go back to the kitchen.
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The smaller number of chefs is certainly a drag. I do like the absurdity of the challenges, but I think that this critical Verge piece was at least on to one thing - it's best when the challenges are about making it harder to cook, not just hindering the time it takes to make a meal. The physical challenges are generally just extra delay, which is already a hindrance, but are coupled with getting everyone hot & sweaty & tired, which seems like less of a “real world” constraint.
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One thing I think the camp competitors should do is spend more money in the first round to avoid some of the worst sabotages. They have the chance to still win money in the next round, so it's better to pay more and avoid things like wasting ten minutes of cook time.
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Honestly, this always seems like a thing to me. Commit to the idea that you're only going to take home $2000 ($0 for camp cutthroat) and starts going from there.
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(Poor Chef Jack! I wanted him to win so much.)
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