Mefi Horror Club: Creep (2014)
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Next up for the MeFi Horror Club, Creep, a low budget single camera movie about a craigslist job that goes wrong. Notable for Mark Duplass' eponymous performance and how so much of it is normal everyday creep behavior turned up a bit.
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Nice one!

iMDb link

More about MeFi horror Club.
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The trailer!

I've seen it called a 2014 and a 2015 movie in various spots so that seems ambiguous, the most recent movie called Creep.

Also as someone who has had to go to internet strangers houses for jobs or other reasons, this movie is basically the horror movie we all played in our heads on the subway ride over.
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Caught this film the other day and was really impressed. It maintained tension up until the end, was believably awkward-turning-into-worse, and I can’t believe that nobody had this idea before 2014 (and am mostly frustrated that I didn’t). This was my favourite found-footage horror since The Blair Witch Project and, although I haven’t seen any numbers, I’m guessing that this must have been even cheaper to make.
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