The X-Files: Die Hand Die Verletzt
August 23, 2015 8:06 PM - Season 2, Episode 14 - Subscribe

After a teenager is ritualistically murdered in a small town, Mulder and Scully are caught up in a secret occult practice within the local PTA and a substitute teacher with odd powers.
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Sorry, I forgot to add the "rewatch" tag.

I haven't had a chance to actually rewatch this yet, but I always think of this episode as a missed opportunity for a Buffy crossover. The evil substitute teacher sent to rid the devil of some annoying PTA sycophants feels like such an early-season Buffy plot to me.

I almost tried to get out of dissecting the fetal pig in 7th grade because of this episode but instead I put on my Scully-doing-an-autopsy pants and learned a ton.

More to come once I actually rewatch it!
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When I was 14, watching this episode on a Friday evening in my parent's attic was basically the most freaked out I've ever been in my life.

The wrist-slitting. Bleh.
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Wow, I remembered this episode as being waaay sillier and campier than it actually is! There are a lot of sort of silly-sounding things that happen in it, and a couple of good one-liners from Mulder ("You really do watch the Discovery Channel" is a standout) but on the whole it's actually pretty creepy and spooky while you're watching it. The cold open sets up the tone perfectly; this is an unlikely setting for a story that's actually scary, so it feels like it's going to be spoofy and parodic, which makes the fact that they play it totally straight and keep getting legit creepiness out of it and keep raising the stakes all the more fun. Every single twist in this episode seems goofy on paper (except for the teen's pretty shocking account of being ritually abused, later pretty conclusively denied, plus subsequent suicide, which felt exploitative and out-of-place to me. The episode didn't need it and I'd like to think that if it were being made now they wouldn't have kept it in) but somehow it keeps Mulder and Scully busy, and on the wrong track to the very end.

The whole final act is lit by flashlights and candles, which makes it much more effective. In general, the direction on this episode felt stellar to me, much more polished and professional than anything I saw last year. It was shot very cinematically on the whole.

Even years later when I read the title of this episode, I didn't remember much about the plot but I did remember the shot where the substitute teacher's eyes look like snake eyes. I can't say that about many episode of X-Files (that a single scary visual was what stuck with me, rather than a funny line or a plot synopsis) so I guess that should have indicated to me that this episode was a bit scarier than I remembered.

Scully's >:( face at the end is pretty epic.
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When I rewatched this episode, I was surprised to see that it had two of the scenes which had stuck with me from childhood as being SUPER CREEPY AND SCARY - namely, the fetal pig wrist-slitting thing, and the speech the girl gives about having been made to participate in Satanic rituals. I couldn't believe they were from the same episode!
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Good episode - also Morgan and Wong's last with the show for a while (they came back later).
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I missed this episode when it originally aired, because I giggled so much at Satan's PTA that I wrote the rest of it off immediately. I should have given it a chance, but frankly, I'd just gotten my driver's license and a used car, and what's a 16-year-old very-finitewindow gonna do?
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Totally sympathize with your reaction, infinitewindow...but it's never too late to give it another shot :)
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