Fringe: Alone in the World   Rewatch 
August 28, 2015 8:17 AM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A boy makes a friend.
posted by the man of twists and turns (2 comments total)
Something I notice a lot on this show is the characters will arbitrarily be in hazmat suits or not, dispute some Fringe events being possibly toxic or infectious. Why weren't they in hazmat suits when they went INSIDE THE FUNGUS BRAIN when they know it incapacitates via skin contact?!
posted by EndsOfInvention at 3:52 AM on August 3, 2020 [1 favorite]

RIP Massive Dynamic Toxin Technician Guy who apparently never saw Alien or any other horror sci-fi flick, what with his aforementioned lack of PPE
posted by Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug at 6:22 PM on December 6, 2020

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