Masters of Sex: Surrogates
August 31, 2015 3:36 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

As Johnson jets away to Las Vegas with Dan Logan, Masters uses her absence to begin his surrogacy program. Meanwhile, Libby comes to terms with her current and past relationships. And Barton considers starting one of his own.
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Just created this post to say: Beth! And she has the same accent.
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Thanks for posting, I was too annoyed by the show to post last night. I mean, they've made a lot of inexplicable writing choices over the seasons, but, Helen having an intact hymen may be the dumbest thing they've ever written. She's a grown-ass woman, even if she were a virgin her hymen would be long gone, it's not like they didn't have tampons in the 60's. But, to paraphrase Betty, Helen's a lesbian not a virgin. What the fuck kind of sex do the writers think Betty and Helen are having? Are there no queer women in the writing staff to object, and point out that lesbians do have fingers (and tongues and dildos)? And when they decide to go ahead with the baby-making without Masters' help, why on earth would they have intercourse instead of using a turkey baster?
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