America's Next Top Model: The Guy Who Gets a Hickey
September 2, 2015 7:08 PM - Season 22, Episode 5 - Subscribe

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA in the house.

Like, OMG, drama.
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I feel like every body had a friend like Courtney in middle school. I FEEL BAD SO I'M GOING TO DRAMATICALLY TRY TO MAKE YOU FEEL BAD TOO. Here I am, sleeping outside in the cold. Here I am, crying in the shower.

Also, Nyle can comfort me crying in the shower anytime.
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The judges panel totally has the characters down, and I wonder if the show is edited to make them look smarter or if these models really are that basic. Nyle, Justin, and Hadassah are some of the best looking contestants, and also some of the most boring. Courtney looks like a model in photos, but doesn't act like an adult in real life. Doesn't seem like they've caught on that Mikey is a raging asshole yet, or maybe they don't care. Who rages like that in the middle of the night?

Sad to see Dustin go, I liked him, He did need to work on all those smiles, but I think he would've gotten some great pictures once the setups get weird (next week already!). if I had to predict final two right now, I'd say Mame and Lacey.

Also, the title of this episode is a ripoff. I wanted way more focus on the hickey and hickeys in general.
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I think Mikey and Lacey for the final two.

I thought Mikey totally over-reacted to Bell-end in the night-time scene. I didn't think Bello was unreasonable at all. Who would be comfortable with someone getting into the next bed that was pushed up against yours just so he could get it on with the person in that bed?

Nyle is just gorgeous. Be still my beating heart ...

And Miss Jay miming how to do No. 1 and No. 2 like a model was the best thing about the whole episode.
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I love that they bleep the hands of the dudes signing curse words. I love it so much.
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I feel like every body had a friend like Courtney in middle school.

Hit the nail on the head.
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I hate that Mikey is doing so well because I think he's such a jerk. If I were Ashley, I would be like, "Since you took Devon out on your challenge win, you two can cuddle up together tonight."

I'm glad that my fave women (Lacey and Mame) were top two. I really hope Nyle steps up his modeling game because he is so gorgeous.

I was kind afraid that Justin would annoy me with the whole "J Smooth" thing, but he actually seems like a nice guy, so I'm totally on team Justin/Mame. (Those two could have some beautiful children.) I hope Justin starts doing better in his photos, because the other guys (Bello, Mikey, Devon) are so obnoxious. I thought Bello would be the most annoying one, but Mikey was totally in the wrong on that whole bed incident. I would be pissed too if I was trying to sleep and two people are going at it 6 inches away from me.

Also, I feel kind of bad for Courtney even though she is being annoying, but I think she has a lot of potential, so I hope she sucks it up and starts turning out some better photos.
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