Project Runway: Team Lingerie
September 11, 2015 5:07 AM - Season 14, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The designers pitch their lingerie designs to Heidi, and the winning set was produced for sale in Heidi Klum's lingerie line. Special guest judge this week was Bella Thorne.

Tim Gunn in PJs! The challenge of making tiny scraps of lace into fashion garments made the designers sweat. Swapnil got edged aside again but against the sheer ridiculousness of Princess Blake apparently earnestly asking where a vagina is on a woman's body.... Ah, Runway! Marline got her happy dance at last.
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It just occurred to me that Blake might've stayed in the competition if he'd gone with his natural instincts and made bloomers, like full-on French-lace trimmed bloomers and a demure slip and everything as androgynous and barbiedoll-anatomy as possible. Also that would have been so much more fun than what he did send down.

Neon pink lacy bloomers. That's what the world needs, not sad droopy bras.
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I did enjoy Heidi and Zach schooling Blake when his "Aren't I adorably dumb" schtick was focused on his total lack of interest in women's crotches extending into what they looked like/were shaped/placed, where they are, etc.

Whoo boy, his bra was a failure on the bra front in every way - EVEN the color. Someone said he knew about breasts, but no, not really.

I've enjoyed the guest judges more than usual this year - I found Bella Thorne incisive and knowledgeable.
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What the hell was up with the winning bra? It's fine if you have no cleavage at all, but that wouldn't work for most of the population. It looked like half of it was missing.

It's so good that Blake is gone...he's going to be able to rely on that "cuteness" for about another 2 months, and then will have to learn things, like telling time and where women's body parts are.
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The winning set at Heidi's website - in mass production, they look a lot like the pretty sets meant for A-B cup sizes. One thing she did well (and Ashley too) was to make a real set - both top and bottom are very clearly linked, both in the shape and the way the lace is applied. They're not just made from the same materials, but a matching set.

It's interesting that she was the only one who built a bra from the ground up - she had major fit issues as a result and rebuilt her bra around her model's breasts at the fitting, but she did that, rebuilding it so her bra fit beautifully and her model looked good. Blake could have refit his bra to his model - I've only sewn-made bras very very badly but I love reading lingerie techniques for fun because it is a weirdly technical niche of hand sewing and 3d construction - and he had several ways to solve the problem of not enough upper support, unlike say Swapnil who was struggling with lack of enough materials to do what he wanted. I think Blake genuinely couldn't see that her breasts didn't look good in that bra.

Jake rebuilt his pants around his model's wishes, which made my grinch heart swell because he listened - I hope he makes it through to the real person client competition stage because I think he and Ashley will be awesome as people who have the skills to listen to a client and translate that into a design.
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I can understand not wanting to have massive underwires or change the natural shape of your breasts, but Merline's bra was just terrible. The cups/fabric scraps were uneven and weren't even the same shape. I they made the model's chest look lopsided. Honestly I couldn't fathom how her look was in the top three, let alone the winner. As for the V seaming in the panties, no, just no. Do women really need a big arrow pointing there? Maybe Blake does but I can't think of anybody else. I know in past seasons, they've made jokes about vagina superheroes, and that's what this design conjured up for me.

Jake also wins major points for me for respecting his model's wishes. I really wish he had said something about why he went that route when talking about his design with the judges.

I don't know what size bra bases they handed out or what size models they typically use, but watching the show it seemed that the vast majority of the end products didn't fit and didn't offer much (if anything) in the way of support. I thought maybe I was being overly harsh and just went and looked at the photos and nope, I'm still seeing ill-fitting, mostly unsupported messes. I don't know if the show is to blame or the designers.
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BUH-BYE, BLAKE. This was a good example of the misogyny of some gay men. Yes, Blake does not want to have sex with women. That does not excuse him from understanding the fundamental anatomy of human beings. Even if he DID want to have sex with women, it shouldn't take being relevant to him personally to take women's bodies seriously. Women's bodies are not gross or weird. You could hear the disgust in his voice; he wasn't embarrassed in the least. And jeezy creezy he's a freaking fashion designer! Women aren't living hangers; most of them have boobs!! I hope you've learned how to tell time so you can catch your train home.

I thought most of the designs were a mess for how tiny bras and panties are. C'mon, designers! They even gave you a bra to tack stuff to! I thought Swapnil's bra was sheer lunacy, but what the hell do I know. I know there are reasons for bras you put on just to have them torn off ten minutes later, but that thing was crazy.
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I can understand not wanting to have massive underwires or change the natural shape of your breasts, but Merline's bra was just terrible.
Thank you - I thought I'd stumbled into that parallel universe again. I thought the bra was atrocious. The V shape was off-centre, it gave her no support, it was ugly. The V on the panties looked like she was wearing a merkin.

I really liked Kelly's look and wanted to see more of that. I'm also feeling the Swapnil love - I have a crush on him, and I really love hearing English spoken with an Indian accent. I liked his design and thought it was heaps better than Merline's. It was original and he'd thought about the occasion when it'd be worn.

And thank God Blake has gone. As Zac said, how on earth can he expect to design for women when he has no clue about the anatomy of a woman? I didn't like anything he made and his personality was so irritating that I found myself cringing every time he opened his mouth.

Candice's arrogance is also grating. I hated what she made this week. She didn't even understand that the garter belt has to be worn with the panties over the top - otherwise you can't take the panties down to pee. But I have a feeling Tim will use his save on her.
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"The mannequin doesn't match her body" = LOL that Merline thought that designing a bra on a plastic mannequin would translate on a human body.
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I didn't get Merline's look, either. There was something about the size of the cup that really bothered me - it was disproportionately small, so it made her chest look smaller. However, the production version on the model in the pic on the website looks better than the runway version, so I'll just chalk it up to poor fit on the PR model due to lack of time.

As long as I get to gaze into Swapnil's dreamy ice blue eyes for another week, I'm all good.
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Considering how much hand-sewing was involved, I really wish they would have had more time to work on their "outfits." Plus, is there some sort of friction between Mood and PR. They've still only been there once all season. I guess it makes sense for this challenge, but we really haven't had much chance to see what the designers can do when given the run of the fabric store.
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re Mood, I read on TLo that PR is being filmed in Queens this season so trips to Mood would eat up a good chunk of the day. The slumber party bit was odd because I think their dorm rooms are in the same bldg.

Has anybody read any interesting interviews with auf'd designers?
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I wish the show had focused more on the actual technique of making a bra. It clearly was a lot of work, but I don't really understand how. They were given bras to use! And they're just tiny strips of material! So what made this so hard? I mean, again, I know it was in fact hard... I want to understand the specifics.

But thank heavens Blake is gone! I was so done with his act weeks ago, but I thought he had pleased the judges enough in the past to get away with a lot of bullshit.

My husband and I have been re watching past seasons, and I was struck by how much Blake reminds me of Ven, the guy who had a special technique for making fabric look like a rose and was horrible to his "average woman" client. They both seem to completely miss the fact that women are human beings with thoughts and feelings that matter, and MAYBE JUST MAYBE even matter more than how pleasing you find it when they look good in the clothes you design.
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OK can we talk about how Kelly was robbed of the top 3 tho? AGAIN??? I thought that was super cute!
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I mean...?!?
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Kelly's was cute but it also looks like something you can go and pick up off the rack at any nice underpants place today.
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I thought the execution on most of the outfits was pretty bad - and Merline won because hers was the design that Heidi thought she could translate best to her line.

The judges' outfits were fantastic this time - I loved Heidi's boots and Nina's dress.

Zap saying 'me likely' was all kinds of creepy.

I can't stop calling Kelly 'Bon Jovi'.
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OK, so I kind of hate that any neurons in my brain are dedicated to this, but was the "me likey" thing an intentional reference to that SATC episode where what's-her-face ends up having to model panties in a fashion show, and is liek Totally mortified except everyone tells her she looks hot in them so happy ending? Because the weird "likey" thing was a running gag there and if that wasn't a conscious callback it is definitely a super weird coincidence. It was pretty treacley then, too, though, so even if this explains it, it doesn't excuse it.
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Is it just me being picky, or is there some hideous hair and make up styling this season? This episode was a travesty of styling in my opinion - bad shoe choices, bad colour in the make up palettes, shitty wraps they had to make at the last minute, bad jewellery decisions [come on people, THINK harder about how to make your work actually WORK] made everything uuuugly. I could not believe the bad hair on just about every model.
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