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While on the run from the Peacekeepers, the crew of Moya takes shelter in a hollow asteroid that has a breathable atmosphere and is filled with flora. They soon discover, however, that the asteroid is not as free of predators as they thought. [via]
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I'm an outlier, because while “Jeremiah Crichton” is a skipper for most people, I rather like that one. This episode is one I usually skip. I'm not sure which I hate more, Swamp Thing or Bones.
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I like this one - we see a glimpse of now disjointed Crichton,something that everyone else on the ship doesn't notice as "He is Crichton," but I certainly did.

The Universe is a scary place - don't trust people!
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Crais is in full breakdown mode here. Ratty hair, unshaven, and completely outmatched by Scorpius, and by the end, almost catatonic. Probably his lowest ebb. There's an interesting mirror with Crichton. Both are pretty fundamentally transformed by their time in the chair.

Scorpius continues to be brutally effective, willing to overlook Crais' crimes as long as he's useful, and when Crais tries to assert himself, just shuts him down. It's sort of interesting that Lt. Braca seems suspicious of Scorpius in this episode, asking Crais if Scorpius can sense weakness, considering what's to come.

I was about to say this feels like it should have been an earlier episode and then realized: No-one seems to be bothered by the idea of sending Emlee up against an entire command carrier alone. No matter how cunning she is, they're sending her to her death. It may be the least bad option for them; but it's still pretty damn dark.

Also: Lt. Braca. Between him, Stark, and Scorpius that's three people on the show who basically acted their way to recurring character status.
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What I really like about this ep is the Aeryn/Pilot/Moya/Baby stuff. All that set up with Pilot's DNA, the deep trust between them - they're developing a deep platonic connection. The shot which pulls back from Aeryn on the bridge and then shows the scale of Moya was nice too. But Crichton's much quicker to go for his gun now. He seems quite jumpy, understandably.

The M'Lee/'Zhaan's a plant' storyline was average to OK, a shift in tone though still quite dark in ways. I liked Crichton wearing his 'Ride of the Valkyries' hat. And everyone whispering as if they were on a hidden German U-Boat. Crais is toast and now he knows it. Did roll my eyes at the continuing Rygel/Chiana groping stuff though.

As an ancient Xena fan it was quite fun to see Borias and Brutus turn up, as well as Fran 'It's the hat' Buller.
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M'Lee was played by Browder's wife, Francesca Buller, and while I'm sure she's a lovely person, I cannot stand the character - particularly when she's screaming about being hungry and what not. I have never wanted to eject a character into the vacuum of space so urgently. That character is a major reason why this episode ranks low in my book. Br'Nee, eh, it was a double twist - the beast is actually a good guy who turns out to be the bad guy.

Aeryn and Talon. It's a fun combination.

This really is when I think Scorpius begins to become the fantastic villain that he is for the remainder of the episode. The character was still being born in the previous two part episodes, right down to his voice not quite nailing it. Crais really doesn't deserve to be in command of his ship anymore, not from the minute he disregarded his recall and even more so, when he killed his loyal lieutenant. This is just his chickens coming home to roost.

PLANT WOMAN ZHAAN. I like how everyone else is just "Duh," when Crichton is amazed.
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Also: Lt. Braca. Between him, Stark, and Scorpius that's three people on the show who basically acted their way to recurring character status.
And Chiana was supposed to be killed off at the end of "Durka Returns." (!)
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I agree this is not my favorite Francesca Buller role. That would be Raxil.

I do however like the double twist that is so Farscape: who is the bad alien and who is the good alien? One of its recurring themes: Who are the villains and who are the heroes and are their actions really any different or just their motivations? Hmm...
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Speaking of Stark, has he been cowering in a closet or something for this episode?
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Atreides: I choose to believe that Stark got onto Moya, ran into a disused area of the ship shouted "MY SIDE!" and stayed there for the next 20 episodes. I know this isn't likely, but it amuses me to think that no matter what else is going on, Stark is just wandering around Moya somewhere mumbling.

cshenk: Huh. If Chiana had gotten killed by Durkha, presumably it would have happened when Crichton was using her as bait. That would have really changed the context for Crichton's resistance in "Nerve" and "Hidden Memory" as well as Giliena's death.

Finally, something just occurred to me about this episode. Scorpius never acknowledges he tortured Crais. He just expects Crais to work with him. This establishes something else about Scorpius. Scorpius is a big picture kinda guy. He doesn't get hung up on who snapped who's neck or who put who into what horrific mental torture device. I think he's being quite sincere when he talks to Crais about Crais' "Vector for success". He's giving Crais a way out, at least for the time being. It's really interesting characterization.
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