Major Crimes: On The Bubble
July 29, 2014 7:19 AM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

A woman turns up dead in a storage box, and unfortunately for Tao, the box is being rented by the star of Badge of Courage, played by Luke Perry.

TVFanatic's recap loved it, and some extra good news - Major Crimes has been renewed for a fourth season. Extra bad news, weirdly in keeping with this week's stalker theme, death threats to the actor playing Rusty. (Also a nice little interview with the show runner on Rusty's arc)
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I wonder if they picked 'Badge of Courage' as a nod to L.A. Confidential's fake Dragnet show 'Badge of Honor', or if it was just the best name they could get legal clearance to use? Fun episode - not as ridiculously funny as some of the Provenza & Flynn comedy Closer episodes, but fun.
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I'd bet the LA Confidential reference, it's nicely apt. I liked how Flynn kept asking people how much TV consulting paid. One nice part of The Closer and Major Crimes is salaries, overtime and pay scales - people talk about them and raises and promotions are big motives in the series.

The ending when Tao spoke to Rusty was a little poignant because we were reminded that Tao has sons a little older than Rusty who are in college, and that they're not a psuedo-family for Rusty. Sharon has become his adoptive mother, but the others are in this sort of - he's work family, and that scene made that divide sharp and almost bittersweet. It's healthy of course for Tao and the others to keep work and personal separate, but like the funeral for the Jane Doe - they come up against so many vulnerable lives and have to move past and on.

I really liked the touch where Amy turns out to be genuinely starstruck - I was sure she was pretending at first.
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This was a fun self-referential episode. The kind I'd usually expect to see in a show's last season.
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One thing I like about Major Crimes is that it is more of an ensemble show, where The Closer was pretty focused on Dep. Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. This show can get more into "antics" with other characters, as Johnson was generally so focused. The humor was used to balance the seriousness of the procedural (and interpersonal) drama.
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