Works Cited: Masterpost
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This is a masterpost for works cited in the canonical Hanniverse.

There are three sections: literature, music, and art.

Citations are ordered chronologically by narrative, and in order of appearance within each narrative.
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Epigraph to Hannibal Rising: This Is The First Thing by Philip Larkin

Hannibal Rising: The Old Testament

Chapter 4: Mr. Jakov makes up dramatic stories based, among other things, on the Old Testament.

Hannibal Rising: Christiaan Huygens, Treatise on Light

Chapter 4: Mr. Jakov has a leather-bound copy of this book, which fascinates Hannibal.

Chapter 14: The loggia of Robertus’ Lecter’s home spirals out of the building’s layout in a way that reminds Hannibal of Huygens’ volute.

Hannibal Rising: the Brothers Grimm

Chapter 4: Nanny used to read the Brothers Grimm to Hannibal when he was two.

Hannibal Rising: Euclid’s Elements

Chapter 4: At age 6, Hannibal gets hold of this book in the castle library, follows the illustrations with his finger, and puts his forehead against them.

Hannibal Rising: the Mind Palace

No specific work is cited, but references abound on Wikipedia.

Often recommended is The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci.

Chapter 4: Mr. Jakov offers to teach Hannibal the mind palace method of perfecting his memory.

Hannibal Rising: Gorn

Gorn (Furnace), a “literary-artistic and social-scientific magazine”, from 1918.

Chapter 13: photos of Robertus Lecter’s paintings were published in Gorn before the war. Headmaster tells Robertus he had seen and admired them.
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Hannibal Rising: Das Männlein

Chapter 2: Mischa insists that Hannibal sing this song instead of another as the family evacuates to the hunting lodge.

Chapter 6: Hannibal tries to get Mischa to sing this song to keep her calm in the aftermath of the bombing.

Chapter 12: Hannibal dream-recalls the looters singing this song to Mischa so she will trust them as they take her away to be killed and eaten.
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Hannibal Rising: Ono no Komachi

Chapter 15: Lady Murasaki quotes Hito ni awan tsuki no naki yo wa to Robertus Lecter.
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Hannibal Rising: Das Mannlein

Chapter 15: Hannibal again dream-recalls the looters singing this song to Mischa.
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Hannibal Rising: Murasaki Shikibu

Chapter 16: Yes, that is Lady Murasaki's full name, I shit you not. She's a citation in herself, even though no specific work has been cited yet.

Chapter 16: Huygens gets another mention as Hannibal's hand is stitched with a needle and thread wound round a Japanese hairpin. "The arc of the needle's eye was a function of the diameter of the hairpin, he thought."
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Hannibal Rising: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Chapter 18: no literature is cited directly, but Chiyoh's cousin Sadako is the famous Sadako Sasaki.
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Hannibal Rising: Sous les Ponts de Paris

Chapter 19: played repeatedly by the organ grinder at the market.
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Hannibal Rising: Musashi Miyamoto's bird paintings

Chapter 28: Hannibal draws fanart of these in class and hawks them to galleries for pocket money. The artist was best known as Japan's greatest swordsman.

The illustration in the front matter is Koboku Meikakuzu.

Hannibal Rising: Turner's mist

Chapter 28: Hannibal wishes he could bring his own work up to this level. No specific work is cited.

Hannibal Rising: Francesco Guardi: A view of the entrance to the Grand Canal with the Church of Santa Maria della Salute and the Punta della Dogana. Or, another similar work with Santa Maria in the background.

Chapter 28: Hannibal recognizes this as a painting from Castle Lecter as he is selling his own work to a Belgian gallery owner.
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Hannibal Rising: Canaletto's Bridge of Sighs and Bellotto's Bridge of Sighs.

Chapter 29: These two works, stolen from Lecter Castle, were supposedly painted on the same day and are expected to be paired. The fact that they're separated is revealing and may help to trace the thief.

I'm not sure whether the images I linked are the ones painted "on the same day", if such a pair even exists in reality (and what does that mean, on the same day? completed on the same day? exhibited on the same day?). The ones in Lecter Castle may be imaginary. I don't really have time tonight to verify whether either or both artists painted the same cityscape more than once and/or did so at the same time as each other.
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Hannibal Rising: Canaletto + Bellotto

Chapter 30: Hannibal, Murasaki and Popil go to an exhibition held by the Allied Commission at the Jeu de Paume. They hope to attract the thief who stole the Guardi.

Hannibal Rising: School of Rubens

Chapter 30: a section of the exhibition.

Hannibal Rising: Caravaggio: Judith beheading Holofernes

Chapter 30: Popil watches Hannibal and Murasaki conspiring in front of this painting at the exhibition.

Hannibal Rising: The Sheldon Tapestries: The Sacrifice of Isaac. The basis of Hannibal's religion is his belief that God intended to eat Isaac.


Hannibal Rising: Chanel, circa 1947

Chapter 30: Murasaki is wearing a counterfeit Chanel at the exhibition, probably a suit in the style shown above or fairly close to it.
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Hannibal Rising: Coleridge: Christabel

Chapter 32: the canal boat is probably named after this poem.
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Hannibal Rising: Lawrence Spingarn, Definitions from Rococo Summer and Other Poems

Part II: A verse is used as the epigraph to Part II.
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Hannibal Rising: Gounod's Faust, performed by Beniamino Gigli

Chapter 33: 18-year-old Hannibal attends the opera in a box with Lady Murasaki. The tickets were provided by Inspector Popil, who had to cancel at the last minute because of a murder.

Hannibal Rising: Rimsky-Korsakov: The Flight of the Bumblebee

Chapter 33: The box Murasaki and Hannibal (and the Paris Prefecture Commissioner and his wife) are in has a concealed area with a couch, mating antics for the use of. Hannibal learned from an ambulance attendant that an elderly patron died on this couch because the orchestra was playing Flight of the Bumblebee, setting too fast a pace.

The fanfic just writes itself, really.


Hannibal Rising: Isidore Pils' Grand Staircase at the Paris Opera.

Chapter 33: Hannibal, Murasaki, and Mr. and Mrs. Police Commissioner descend this staircase.
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Hannibal Rising: Sully et al - Notre Dame de Paris

Chapter 34: Hannibal views the cathedral from the east, on his way over the footbridge of the Ile de la Cité, and imagines it as a spider scuttling round the city and eating people he doesn't like.


Hannibal Rising: Portail du Jugement

Chapter 34: Hannibal considers using this for his memory palace, to memorize the anatomy of the throat.

Hannibal Rising: statue of Joan of Arc in Notre Dame interior

Chapter 34: Hannibal gazes at the statue through the votive flame and is reminded of his mother's body on fire.


Hannibal Rising: The memory palace

Chapter 34: gets another mention as we are shown an example of how Hannibal considers the Portail du Jugement (see Art above) as a possible layout for memorizing the anatomy of the throat.
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Hannibal Rising: The Memory Palace and the Treatise on Light

Chapter 35: another chapter demonstrating how Hannibal uses his memory palace to aid his studies, this time following him through a cadaver dissection. He remembers the pages of the Treatise on Light blowing across Mr. Jakov's body.
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Hannibal Rising: Bach string quartet (eh?!?)

Chapter 35: on a journey through his memory palace, Hannibal selects an unspecified Bach string quartet for the soundtrack, except that I'm pretty sure there isn't anything written explicitly for a string quartet???

And on further investigation, it seems I'm right, though obviously a determined string quartet can always work something out, like this. Or there's this one, but don't think I don't notice there are six of them. You see the problem.

The Art of Fugue, notable recordings - lists four recordings of the Art of Fugue by string quartet. Those are probably your best bet.

You could also probably arrange the Canon a 4 from A Musical Offering with a string quartet, somehow, as it doesn't seem to be written in stone what instruments it's for.

And of course, Harris didn't specify WHICH Bach, but that's cheating because everyone knows Johann Sebastian is the default. But Johann Christoph had some string quartets to his name. I imagine it's the same for the other Bachs, but who can keep track of them all? I say, if you don't specify which Bach, it's always Johann Sebastian.
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Art, Literature

Hannibal Rising: Vesalius, De Humani Corporis Fabrica

Chapter 37: Hannibal's supervisor, Professor Dumas, felt the destruction of the original woodblocks in Munich during the war as a personal blasphemy, and resolved to create the bestest anatomical atlas evar. Since drawing is better for visualizing anatomical information than photography, that's what Hannibal is there for: he provides the illustrations in exchange for his scholarship.
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Hannibal Rising: Das Mannlein

Chapter 39: gets another mention as Hannibal plays it on a vinyl record while he tries memory-recovery drugs on himself to figure out what really happened to Mischa.
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Hannibal Rising: The Internationale

Chapter 42: approaching Lecter Castle from a distance, Hannibal hears the orphans singing this anthem from inside the castle.

Lyrics in Lithuanian can be found here, but it may have been sung in Russian.
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Hannibal Rising: Das Mannlein reappears in Chapter 43. Hannibal makes Dortlich sing it while he's tied to a tree.
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Food Porn?

Hannibal Rising: "Pork" jowl en brochette with morels

Chapter 44: the pig is Dortlich, the morels are locally sourced.

There is no actual recipe, but this may be helpful.

How to cook morels
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Hannibal Rising: Akiko Yosano, "Amid the notes of my koto..."

Chapter 47: waiting for Hannibal in his room at the medical school, Murasaki lifts a cloth that is hiding a pastel drawing of her nude in the bath at the chateau, and it makes her think of this poem.
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Hannibal Rising: Cynewulf, Juliana

Chapter 48: Not sure if Harris had this in mind or not, but Petras Kolnas lives on the Rue Juliana which doesn't seem to be a real street. Cynewulf's poem describes the martyr Juliana and her adventures during the Diocletian persecution. The clearest thematic tie-in seems to be that she gets beheaded. Also, she humiliates a demon in front of all its demon friends by making it confess its sins.


Hannibal Rising: Das Mannlein

makes another appearance in Chapter 48 as Hannibal gets Kolnas' tiny daughter to sing this song.
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Hannibal Rising: Paul Abadie et al, Sacré Coeur.

Chapter 49: described in the background as Murasaki plays the koto for Hannibal on the terrace.

You may be wondering about my criteria for including certain things under "architecture" when so many structures are mentioned in passing. It's when it's described as having a particular effect of its own; not merely walked through, past, into, or out of as shoe leather to prove Hannibal was there.


Hannibal Rising: Miyagi Michio, The Sea in Spring

Chapter 49: Murasaki plays this on the terrace for Hannibal.


Hannibal Rising: St. Michael's Scaleson the Portail du Jugement

Chapter 49: When Murasaki offers herself to Hannibal if he will give up "the darkness", the shape of her clavicle reminds him of St. Michael's scales, on the Portail du Jugement which he used in his memory palace to map the throat-type chestal area or whatever you call it.


Hannibal Rising: the Memory Palace

Chapter 49: alluded to when the sight of Murasaki's clavicle reminds Hannibal of St. Michael's Scales.
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Hannibal Rising: Huyghens gets another mention in Chapter 50 as Hannibal is walking along the Rue Huyghens to visit Prof. Dumas' publisher on a nearby street.
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Hannibal Rising: Lorca, A Margarita (Xirgu) (SLWord document).

Chapter 51: Hannibal thinks about the heart being an orchard, and the shape of peaches and pears, and this is a recurring theme in this chapter because Hannibal's sexuality is only being alluded to in terms of fruit. It's still disturbing.

Hannibal Rising: L'Humanité

Chapter 51: The French Communist Party newspaper (now independent but still communist). Hannibal got a visa to Lithuania on the excuse that he was going to write an article about why it was great that his family's castle got seized by the state, etc.

Food Porn

Hannibal Rising: African figs and Westphalian ham

Chapter 51: Hannibal buys these at the market and eats them after casing the recently departed Milko's associates. Note that Westphalian ham is from acorn-fed pigs.


Hannibal Rising: Bauhaus

Chapter 51: Vladis Grutas lives in a Bauhaus mansion that had previously been a German army HQ.


Hannibal Rising: Lawrence Welk

Chapter 51: The pianist at Grutas' party has a "rictus"-like smile that is compared to Lawrence Welk's.

Hannibal Rising: Night and Day by Cole Porter (SLYT)

Chapter 51: The pianist at Grutas' party sings this, in broken English, because Grutas demands "American cocktail" music.

Hannibal Rising: Zorba The Greek

Chapter 51: There is a sculpture in Grutas' wine cellar supposedly by Anthony Quinn, star of this musical, which was not made until 1964 and is therefore totally anachronistic to this early 1950s narrative. The sculpture is titled "Logic is a woman's behind", which is a quote from the musical. Quinn did take art classes in earlier life. Unless this allusion is a joke about the futility of trying to understand itself, I don't get it.
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Food Porn

Hannibal Rising: Daube

Chapter 53: a nursing student invites Hannibal over for dinner with her and her roommate. They're making daube.

Hannibal Rising: Sea urchins (SLYT), sweetbreads, pear tart and oranges

Chapter 53: Lady Murasaki is bringing these home as the makings of a romantic dinner with Hannibal, because apparently a romantic dinner with Hannibal has to involve gross innards even if someone else is cooking it.

Also, Hannibal was having symbolic thoughts about peaches and pears in the previous chapter, and I am reminded of a fanfic about Hannibal and some eclairs that I will never admit to even reading, and certainly wouldn't link to here. I understand Americans traditionally use apple pies for this purpose.


Hannibal Rising: Pascal - Pensées.

Chapter 53: Popil asks Hannibal to swear on the Bible, and Hannibal spots a copy of Pensées and offers to swear on that. In the end, he swears on Murasaki's life.

Scattered notes on Catholic philosophy which were a bitch to edit into a coherent book; it's still arduous reading. Pascal was also a pioneer of scientific method; until he proved the existence of the vacuum by empirical methods, science was done by appeal to Aristotle's authority. To ease the disorientation, there is some enlightening and mercifully brief secondary literature by Alban Krailsheimer.

Popil, by striking a bargain with Hannibal, is arguably engaging in casuistry, which Pascal disapproved of as a dodgy thing only Jesuits do.
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Food Porn

Hannibal Rising: Jugged Hare

Chapter 56: Hannibal calms himself down before a strenuous round of killing by looking forward to taking Lady M for jugged hare at the Restaurant du Champs de Mars.
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Hannibal Rising: Le Canard Enchaîné

Chapter 57: Hannibal is arrested for blowing up absolutely everyone, and indignant articles campaigning to Free Hannibal appear in this satirical magazine as well as in the aforementioned L'Humanité.

Hannibal Rising: Murasaki Shikibu: The Tale of Genji

Chapter 57: Murasaki visits Hannibal in the interrogation room at the Quai des Orfevres where he is under arrest. They do a call-and-response, which we read in from Atsumi & Rexroth's translation of Women Poets of Japan. Are the mandarin ducks asleep, or dead of hypothermia? Hannibal's heart has entered its nuclear winter. It's poignant.

Food Porn

Hannibal Rising: Jugged hare

Chapter 57: Hannibal goes to the Restaurant du Champ de Mars and eats this dish on his own, when he had so been looking forward to sharing with Murasaki after he was done saving her life and killing everyone. But it turns out that murdering people with massive brutal overkill turns chicks off, even when you're saving their life, because you sort of exposed her to the risk in the first place. Awkward. Also, he pays for it with the money that the condemned prisoner had left to pay for masses for his soul.

This is the dish of which we read the important line "He dined alone and he was not lonely", which is the exact Hannibal we are shown in season 1, episode 1, in the very first scene in which Hannibal appears.

Actually, it is kind of sad.

Also, jugging involves cooking an animal in its blood, which is against Old Testament dietary law because the soul of an animal is in its blood therefore blood is not for eating.
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Hannibal Rising: Goethe's Faust

Part 3: that bit about how Faust himself is the devil, is the epigraph.
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Hannibal Rising: O Canada

Chapter 60: in Grentz' taxidermy shop, heard playing on the radio before a hockey game.


Hannibal Rising: Sistine Chapel ceiling layout.

Chapter 60: I don't really understand this, but the taxidermy in the shop was laid out "Sistine fashion" below the head of a moose, so I guess it has something to do with this ceiling layout.


Hannibal Rising: Dial M for Murder

Chapter 60: Hannibal has a ticket for this, but chooses another play because he finds stage murders unrealistic.

Hannibal Rising: Picnic

Chapter 60: Hannibal has a ticket for this play and plans to attend.
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Hannibal Rising: Murasaki Shikibu

Epilogue: Harris explains that the Lady Murasaki in the book is the "namesake" of this author.

Hannibal Rising: The Tale of Genji

Epilogue: Harris describes this as "the first great novel in the world" and explains that her farewell to Hannibal is a quote from this book.

Hannibal Rising: Ono no Komachi

Epilogue: gets another mention.

Hannibal Rising: Akiko Yosano

Epilogue: gets another mention.

Hannibal Rising: Coleridge's Christabel

Epilogue: this is probably what Harris is alluding to when he says he "borrowed S. T. Coleridge's dog". This secondary literature by Phillip L. Simpson backs up that idea.

Hannibal Rising: Robert Gildea, Marianne in Chains

Epilogue: Harris's understanding of Vichy France is credited to this book.

Hannibal Rising: Antony Beevor and Artemis Cooper, Paris After the Liberation, 1944-1949

Epilogue: Harris' understanding of postwar Paris is credited to this book.

Hannibal Rising: Lynn H. Nicholas, The Rape of Europa

Epilogue: Harris' understanding of art theft during WWII is credited to this book.

Hannibal Rising: Susan Mary Alsop, To Marietta from Paris, 1945-1960

Epilogue: Harris' understanding of postwar Paris is partially credited to this book.
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Hannibal Rising (film): Aleksandrov & Alymov, Pesnya o Staline

Sung at the orphanage. This is instead of the Internationale cited in the book.

Hannibal Rising (film): Humperdinck, Ein Mannlein Steht im Walde

Sung in flashbacks of Mischa's killing. Also performed by Sonja & Peter Lorenz, but I couldn't find any links to a recording of it. It's possible theirs are the voices in the closing sequence.

Hannibal Rising (film): Bach, Goldberg Variations no. 1, played by Glenn Gould

Hannibal puts on a vinyl record of this while he administers sodium amytal or some memory-recovery drug to himself. This recording is from 1955, a few years after the action of the story.

Hannibal Rising (film): Bach, Prelude in A Minor BWV 543, played by Byron Janis.

Not sure when or if this is heard on the soundtrack.


Hannibal Rising (film): Eisho Chokosai, The Doll Festival

A print of this is on Lady Murasaki's wall, above the telephone table. Another work placed above it may be by the same artist, but I have not been able to identify it. There are a number of artworks in Lady Murasaki's flat that I haven't been able to identify at all.
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Also, before the above artwork we see (my bad, getting these out of order):


Hannibal Rising (film): The Sacrifice of Isaac

Hannibal and Lady Murasaki seem to be visiting a gallery on an afternoon's outing, rather than visiting the Jeu de Paume in search of artwork stolen from Lecter Castle. The dialogue snippet is the same, though.

Hannibal Rising (film): Eisho Chokosai, The Doll Festival + unidentified work

On Lady Murasaki's wall above the telephone table.
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NBC Hannibal S1E1 (Apéritif): JS Bach: Goldberg Variations - Aria played by Glenn Gould

Playing in the background as we get our first look at the TV rendition of Hannibal. He is in his dining room, alone ("he dined alone and he was not lonely"), eating some dude's liver.

Per-episode listing of classical works via hannibalsmusic.


NBC Hannibal S1E1 (Apéritif) - Marlow house:

Unidentified print of three amphorae on the Marlows' dining room wall, seen as Mr. Marlow is zipped up into a body bag.

Unidentified black and white photo of a house, on the left side of the archway into the Marlows' dining room.

Unidentified engraving, on the right side of the archway into the Marlows' dining room.

Unidentified painting of a horse, over the mantelpiece of the Marlows' living room.

Unidentified print, to the left of the archway into the Marlows' living room. The burglar alarm is on that samewall.

Mark St. John, Afternoon Calm II. To the right of the front door.

Unidentified painting above the console in the front hallway, depicting a houseboat in harbour.

Two unidentified B&W photos or engravings, on the wall behind Will as he imagines shooting Mr. Marlow.

Unidentified print of a military man, on the left wall in the room with the burglar alarm.

NBC Hannibal S1E1 (Apéritif) - Nichols house:

Unidentified landscape painting, to the right of the archway into the dining room.

Unidentified plate with a painting of a rooster on the sideboard.

Two unidentified nature illustrations of fruit on branches, one to the left and one to the right of the rooster painting on the sideboard.

Sam Toft, Bums on Seats. In the hallway before turning the corner to Elise's room.

Unidentified print with golden autumn leaves, in the hallway towards Elise's room.

Two unidentified framed pictures on the wall to the right of Elise's bed, one red, one blue.

NBC Hannibal S1E1 (Apéritif) - Hannibal's office:

Pierre-Jules Mene, Elk

Seen behind Hannibal as he sits in session with Franklyn.

Two unidentified black and white images on the left and the right of Hannibal's windows.

NBC Hannibal S1E1 (Apéritif) - Hannibal's patient exit:

Two unidentified moths or butterflies in a frame.

Unidentified black and white image below the moths.

NBC Hannibal S1E1 (Apéritif) - Hannibal's office:

Unidentified painting by the door, above Elk.

Unidentified gourds or amphorae on top of the book cabinet, to the right of the door.

Unidentified white figurine in the book cabinet.

Two unidentified black and white images to the left of the door.

A statuette of a carousel-looking horse, facing left, to the left of the door.

Unidentified image of a nude human figure against a dark background, to the right of the bookcase.

Unidentified black and white image to the right of the previous figure.

Many unidentified and impossible to differentiate pictures behind Hannibal's desk.

Peltro William Tomkins: lithograph of Smirke's The Seven Ages of Man, First Age: The Infant. Perhaps the first age maps to the first series of what was intended to be a seven-series arc.

NBC Hannibal S1E1 (Apéritif) - Hannibal's dining room: Oskar Grosch, Woods Reflected in a Pond

The mural along Hannibal's "living wall" in his dining room.

NBC Hannibal S1E1 (Apéritif) - Hobbs house:

Unidentified long rectangular print in gold tones, in the front hallway.
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NBC Hannibal S1E1 (Apéritif) - Hannibal's office: The horse statue mentioned above is a Chunar horse.

NBC Hannibal S1E2 (Amuse-Bouche) - Hannibal's office, mezzanine:

James Caldwell's engraving of Gavin Hamilton's Coriolanus

Alphonse Bertillon, Identification Anthropométrique (Plate 57): Peculiarities of the Ear (1)

NBC Hannibal S1E2 (Amuse-Bouche) - Hannibal's office

Unknown, Ichikawa Danjuro VIII, Memorial Print. In memory of a famous Kabuki actor who committed suicide in 1854.

Utagawa Kunisada, Japanese Woodblock Triptych. This artist spent the years between 1838 and 1842 doing fanart of the Tale of Genji.


hannibalsmusic has already laid out the classical works sequentially, so I won't duplicate that effort here. If anything nonclassical comes up I'll list it.
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S1E1, Apéritif - Alana Bloom:

Helmut Lang, Midnight Floral Drape Top

Elsa Peretti for Tiffany, Starfish pendant

Diane von Furstenberg, New Julian Two silk jersey snake wire wrap dress

I'll only be mentioning high design in the fashion sections, otherwise we'll be here all day.

S1E2, Amuse-Bouche - Freddie Lounds: Smythe, Rumpled Garnet Plaid Blazer

S1E2, Amuse-Bouche - Alana Bloom: BCBG Maxazria, Adele printed jersey dress
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Product Design

S1E1 Apéritif: Aaron Brekveld, Royal VKB Iso Carafe and tumblers

Knightsbridge, 'Strand' flatware

Monogram, Professional 6 Burner gas rangetop

Leif Jacobsen, Rosewood Desk

Again, I'm only going to be mentioning high design for products.
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Food Porn

Janice Poon has covered this sequentially from the beginning.
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S1E2 Amuse-Bouche: Hannibal's Library

Kate Aitken, Making Your Living Is Fun
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Product Design

S1E2 Amuse-Bouche - Hannibal's dining room: Garda, Dining Chairs

S1E2 Amuse-Bouche - Hannibal's office:

Eileen Gray, Classic Adjustable Side Table

Urban Barn, Valencia Leather Chair
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S1E3 Potage - Hannibal's dining room: François Boucher, Leda and the Swan

S1E3 Potage - Hannibal's office: Encyclopedia or a Systematic Dictionary of the Sciences, Arts and Crafts, Surgery/Chirurgie Plates XI and XXIX
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I forgot to mention that, unless otherwise stated, Hannibal's suits in S1 and S2 are from Garrison Bespoke.

S1E3 Potage - Alana Bloom: Theory, Giora Plaid Trench Coat
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Product Design

S1E3 Potage, and passim S1: Bentley, 2001 Arnage Red Label
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S1E4 Oeuf:

Perry Como, There Is No Christmas Like A Home Christmas

Kingen, I Don't Wanna Lose You
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Product Design

S1E4 Oeuf: Mikasa, Crown Jewel Platinum place setting
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S1E5 Coquilles - Hannibal's kitchen:

F. W. Hulme, lithotint of J. G. Jackson's sketch of Charlecote Park Great Hall.

S1E5 Coquilles - Motel room:

Albert Bierstadt, Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California

S1E5 Coquilles - Hannibal's Waiting Room: Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Suzumi no hotaru ("catching fireflies in the cool of the evening").
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S1E6 Entrée - Hannibal's office: Hans von Gersdorff, Wound Man from Field Book of Wound Surgery

S1E6 Entrée - Hannibal's dining room: John Ogborne, lithograph of Robert Smirke's Much ado about nothing, act IV, scene II, Dogb.: O villain! Though wilt be condemned into everlasting redemption for this
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Russell Rowe Dynes, Organized Behavior in Disaster.
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S1E6 Entrée - Alana Bloom:

Movado, Museum Classic 601139 Wrist Watch for women (and passim)

Diane von Furstenberg, chain print cardigan

BCBG Maxazria, Adele printed wrap dress

Helmut Lang, Midnight Floral Drape Top
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Product Design

S1E5 Coquilles - Hannibal's kitchen: Classic Palladium Vacuum Coffee Maker

S1E6 Entrée - Chilton's car: Jaguar, 1959 XK150 Roadster
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Facepalming that I left out this, of all things. Sequentially it should go here.


S1E2 Amuse-Bouche: Flannery O'Connor, A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Alana's favourite story by her favourite author. She reads it to Abigail who lies comatose in the hospital.
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S1E7 Sorbet: Hannibal's kitchen: Henry Bernard Chalon, White Papillon Standing on a Cushion

Visible in the background as Alana chops carrots.

Jean-Honoré Fragonard: The Bathers.

Visible in the background as Will apologizes for not being able to attend the dinner party.

S1E7 Sorbet: Hannibal's waiting room: Théodore Géricault, The Raft of the Medusa.

Visible when Hannibal opens the door to his waiting room in anticipation of Will's arrival. Depicts shipwreck survivors turning to cannibalism, which is not only soothing for distressed patients to contemplate but also forms part of Hannibal's impenetrable Frasier Crane disguise. Is it any wonder nobody saw through him all those years.
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S1E7 Sorbet - Alana Bloom: Diane von Furstenberg, Adeline dress. Orange-red with royal blue pac-man pattern. Alana is wearing this as she chops vegetables in Hannibal's kitchen.

The red dress Alana wears at the dinner party is also by Diane von Furstenberg.

S1E7 Sorbet - Leonora: Adrianna Papell, Hailey metallic one shoulder brocade gown

Worn by the singer at the benefit gala for world hunger.
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Another one out of sequence. In S1E2 Amuse-Bouche, Freddie Lounds wears this BCBG Maxazria brown Ana faux suede jacket. It should go here
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S1E1 Apéritif: Kurzban & Leary, Evolutionary Origins of Stigmatization

The probable inspiration for Hannibal's equally hugely cited paper "Evolutionary Origins of Social Exclusion".

Another one out of sequence - I can't apologize enough. It should go here.
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S1E1 Apéritif: Cadore Moda, PL-2090 DK Tortoise spectacle frames

Will's glasses, worn from the very first time we see him. I apologize for the continual errors in sequencing. This one should, of course, go here.
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S1E8 Fromage:

Willem Wissing, Mary of Modena

Seen in Hannibal's hallway as Will barges in.

Vincenz Czerny (surgeon & subject, not photographer), photo of a famous operation

Seen in Hannibal's office on the wall between the two windows, on the left.
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S1E9 Trou Normand:

Equipment, petal print shirt

Worn by Alana during the confrontation with Abigail over Nicholas Boyle's body.

Add, belted knee length coat

Worn by Beverly Katz on the beach investigating the human totem pole.

Filson, Twill Original briefcase

Carried by Will throughout season 1. Filson is one of those companies that offers a lifetime guarantee. It really says something about Will that he buys the best he can afford, but it damn well better be excellent value for money. Also, Filson has a strong New England outdoor lifestyle kind of value system. It's all very Red Blooded American Male, and it exudes Good Taste plus Utilitarian Toughness while diminishing neither. This of course is the exact opposite of Hannibal's aesthetic.

This is another one out of sequence, as we clearly saw it in both Apéritif and Amuse-Bouche, so it should go here.
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A propos, I would sure like to know what that painting is on the wall of the Turner family dining room. I'm sure it speaks volumes.
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On a related note, I haven't been able to identify the painting of birch trees surrounding a river that is on Will's mantelpiece, nor the landscape next to it, nor the landscape on the opposite wall.

All they tell us, I guess, is that even outdoors and indoors aren't mentally separated all that well inside Will's mental space. The shelves, grids, cubbyholes and straight lines, everywhere, tell us that he does keep that space extremely well organized.

The painting in the Turner dining room has what looks like a seated woman cradling a baby. It looks so familiar. It's driving me crazy that I can't figure out what it is.
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And there is a bird painting on the Crawfords' bedroom wall that is just like the ones Hannibal sold as a teenager.
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Product Design

S1E10 Buffet Froid: Flambeau, Creel Bag

Carried by Will Graham during his imaginary fishing trip.
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S1E10 Buffet Froid: Michael by Michael Kors, brown leather jacket

Beverly wears this passim in season 1, but it is not the same jacket as the one she wears the first time we see her character in Apéritif. Beverly does not seem like the type to own more than one brown leather jacket; but I guess they need airing from time to time? And if they're a staple in her wardrobe I guess it makes sense.

Beverly is not quite that character who has a whole wardrobe of identical outfits, Daria-style, but nearly. She always wears black skinny jeans or dress pants that are indistinguishable from skinny jeans; unfeasibly high heeled boots (considering she stands all day long for her job); a navy, burgundy or snake-print button-down shirt or sometimes a black ribbed sweater; and a leather (brown, black/brown, or red) or sheepskin jacket except for that one time in Oeuf when we see her wearing a tailored and pressed version of a green army jacket. Also, that time in Takiawase she talks to Jack, she has on a blousy top which stands out as unusual for her.

I do not believe we see Beverly wearing a skirt even once. This makes her unusual among the female characters; let's take stock:

Abigail - always wears skinny jeans, except for that one short blue skirt with the tribal feather pattern we saw her in in Apéritif.

S1/S2 Alana - always wears skirts or dresses throughout S1 and S2, except for:
- the deleted scene in S1 where she is wearing grey pants or jeans
- the scene running with the dogs in Kaiseki where she is wearing black leggings
- and the scene walking the dogs in the woods with Jack where she is wearing skinny blue jeans.

S3 Alana - switches over to all pants suits all the time, except for that scene in Contorno where she and Mason talk to Pazzi, where she is wearing a paisley skirt. If you count the promo stills, she wears a black dress in those, but it never appears in the show.

Bedelia - always wears skirts or dresses, except for one scene in Antipasto where she wears pants. This scene was cut specifically because the wardrobe looked bad on her. Which means that Bedelia is a gold-star skirt woman and a worthy opponent to Beverly who is a gold-star pants woman.
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S1E10 Buffet Froid: Edward L. Cox, John P. Fiebig, and O.C. Tuttle: illustrations for patents for fishing flies.

Collated in the print on Will's kitchen wall.

All the characters have infographics of their favourite interests, except Jack, who has individual pictures of himself playing college football. Hannibal has his surgical tools as mentioned above; Alana has infographics of dogs.
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S1E10 Buffet Froid: Another one out of sequence. Russell Rowe Dynes' Organized Behavior In Disaster is read by Chilton in this episode, not in Entrée.

At the end of S1 I'll collate all the out-of-sequence items with episode keywords so that anyone wanting to check these in order of appearance can do it like that.
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S1E10 Buffet Froid: Tory Burch, floral print cropped cardigan

Worn by Alana on the day of Gideon's escape.
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S1E11 Roti: sorry, the Tory Burch cardigan above obviously belongs to Roti, not Buffet Froid.

Diane von Furstenberg, Julian wrap dress

Green, black and tan tiger/marble-print wrap dress. Worn by Alana as she flirts with Will on the matter of protective custody.
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S3E10 Buffet Froid: Salvatore Ferragamo, red pocket square

SORRY another one out of sequence there.

S3E12 Relevés: Haute Hippie, cowl wrap blouse

Worn by Bedelia when Jack comes to question her about Hannibal's good character.
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S1 & S2 passim: Corneliani, layered overcoat

Worn by Hannibal in S1 and S2.

S1E13 Savoureux: Burberry London, Collingdale overcoat

Worn by Hannibal as he is tenderly and caringly taking Will into custody.

S1E13 Savoureux: Diane von Furstenberg, New Jeanne dress

Worn by Alana while screaming at Jack: "I told you not to put him out there!"

The print is a vintage reprint from a 1974 design. This is the kind of thing that contributes to the timelessness and time obfuscation of the show. The cut of a DvF dress has remained the same over several decades.

It looks like she's splashed with blood - never mind "out, damned spot", I reckon Vanish is just not equal to the task. My friend also commented that the pattern looks like slabs of meat.


S1E13 Savoureux: Haute Hippie, cowl wrap blouse

Worn by Bedelia when Hannibal brings her the Dinner o'Implied Abigail. Note that this blouse is not the same make and model as the one in the previous episode, even though it's the same brand.
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S1E13 Savoureux: Merck, Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

Seen on a shelf of the library mezzanine where Will is skulking.
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S1E1 Apéritif: Kurzban & Leary, Evolutionary Origins of Stigmatization

The probable inspiration for Hannibal Lecter's widely cited paper "Evolutionary Origins of Social Exclusion", which Crawford mentions in order to flatter Lecter on first meeting.

S1E2 Amuse-Bouche: Flannery O'Connor, A Good Man Is Hard To Find


Hannibal's suits and shirts in S1 and S2 are from Garrison Bespoke or Antonio Valente unless otherwise stated.

Many of Jack Crawford's shirts are from Antonio Valente also.

S1E1 Apéritif:

Cadore Moda, PL-2090 DK Tortoise spectacle frames

Will's glasses, worn from the first moment we see him in the present, that is, in the lecture hall.

Filson, Twill Original briefcase

Will's briefcase. Filson has a lifetime guarantee. This briefcase is expensive, but Will's choosing this brand says a lot about him, being tasteful and of the highest quality but without any aspect of material indulgence or extravagance. Note the resemblance to his creel bag that he takes fishing in later episodes. Will Graham has an outdoor #aesthetic.

S1E2 Amuse-Bouche: BCBG Maxazria: Brown Ana faux suede jacket

Worn by Freddie Lounds when Stamets shoots the cop.

S1E3 Potage: Corneliani, layered overcoat

Worn by Hannibal when confronting Freddie Lounds outside Port Haven, and passim throughout S1 and S2.

S1E8 Fromage: Joie, printed silk coupe cut blouse

Worn by Beverly Katz.

S1E9 Trou Normand: Antonio Valente, navy two-piece suit

Worn by Jack Crawford, under his camel coat.

S3E10 Buffet Froid: Salvatore Ferragamo, red pocket square

Worn by Hannibal with his blue plaid suit.
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S2E1 Kaiseki:

Borrelli, white dress shirt with orange and blue vertical stripes

Antonio Valente, ocean blue 3-piece suit with fine tan double windowpane

Garrison Bespoke, dark brown tie with orange, blue, tan large exotic paisleys

Salvatore Ferragamo, dark brown square almond toe shoes with punch detail on toe cap and along laces

All of the above worn by Hannibal Lecter under his vinyl kill suit.

Michael Kors, brown patch pocket leather jacket

Worn by Beverly Katz when visiting Will in prison.

Brooks Brothers, Ancient Madder small medallion tie

Worn by Jack Crawford as Kade Prurnell and Alana rip him and each other various new ones.

Lauren Ralph Lauren, houndstooth blazer.

Worn by Chilton as he smarms about his daily activities.
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S2E2 Sakizuke:

Diane von Furstenberg, New Julian II wrap dress

This *may* be the dress Alana is wearing under her blue coat when she and Hannibal visit Will behind bars, and Will sobs in degradation.

Polo Ralph Lauren, New Kirk Vest

Worn on Will's imaginary fishing trip with imaginary Abigail.
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S2E2 Sakizuke:

Adam Zagajewski, Try to Praise the Mutilated World from Without End: New and Selected Poems

Jack quotes this poem in James Grey's human centipede silo.
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