How to Get Away with Murder: It's Time to Move On
September 25, 2015 1:07 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Annalise and Frank try to determine who in their coterie is responsible for last season's shocking new murder. Meanwhile, Annalise tries to land a difficult case to give her paranoid students something to occupy their minds; a woman from Annalise's past arrives to give us surprising insight into her character; and a new flash-forward sets the stage for this season's big mystery.
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Happy Bisexual Awareness Week, Annalise Keating! I thought Famke Janssen was excellent casting: able to go toe-to-toe with Annalise in arguments, but also able to be vulnerable with her.

Bonnie is revealed to have officially joined Murder Club after she coldly and dispassionately killed Rebecca. That leaves poor Asher as the only person in the law office who hasn't killed someone or been an accessory to murder. He's going to be crushed when he finds out everyone was going through special murder-bonding without him.

Annalise's dynamic with Wes continues to be really weird: quasi-romantic, quasi-maternal...? I'm sure it'll get explored further, since the episode ends with a future glimpse of Wes running away from a bleeding Annalise.
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This show has to burn out soon, but for now I feel like Shonda's still got it. The last 10 minutes of the show I'm just staring, wondering what's going to happen that's going to blow my mind. And it keeps happening, even though I felt like the show was overdoing it after the killing from last season's finale. I'm still hooked, even though I know it has to get to be too much at some juncture. Somehow she still has it working.
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Bonnie is PSYCHO, no? I mean she is just a broken, broken machine and Annalise was so careful with her like a ticking time bomb. I thought that scene was chilling because Annalise seemed to treat Bonnie as dangerous and justified the weird way she handled Bonnie previously, as someone she knew had the potential to calmly murder people out of the blue. Frank kills people, but he's sensible about it - Frank isn't so messed up. Bonnie was genuinely frightening, and now I'm scared for Asher. Even if he now has some stupid backstory secret about a "lake" to drag around.

Annalise has to be Wes' mom, right? Or his aunt or something. There's something so quasi-maternal-incestuous vibe going on with them and I wish she would just - but then I think of him working out his notes on the case all by his lonesome and being in sync with what she had planned, and that he had figured out that the motel was a distraction decoy and I'm pretty sure that Wes has already done a DNA test and is playing some insane long game on all of them.
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Poor Bonnie is hanging out with a bunch of people who are just a touch quicker than she is (as far as we can tell), who break the rules all the time, and so it just looks like breaking the rules is the thing to do. She's just not quite on the same page as the rest of them, and she doesn't quite realize it. So dangerous.
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I dunno, amtho. I feel like maybe Bonnie is just a stone cold sociopath and Annalise is keeping her close because they have a past or maybe Bonnie has blackmail material on Annalise.
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watching this episode has made me want to binge watch season 1 again. at first i was like "ah damn, we've dropped the time shifting aspect - that was one of the more exciting parts of the show..." but noooooope. i gasped, no lie.

also - i am still so giddy for viola davis's grammy win! someone on twitter said something like "every time viola's on screen she makes everyone else look like they're reading off of cue cards." she's spectacular.
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I wasn't totally surprised that Bonnie killed Rebecca, but I wasn't expecting it to be so cold and calculating. I pictured another sorta-accident following a struggle. Or something.

They're definitely setting up something weird with the Annalise-Wes dynamic.

The Connor-Oliver relationship is interesting. There are so many times when it's not clear if Connor is being honest (maybe he isn't even honest with himself?). I like that they mentioned PrEP, it's a good PSA for an important drug.
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