The Muppets: Hostile Makeover
September 30, 2015 9:22 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

After Missy Piggy starts dating Josh Groban, the show starts to get mellow, possibly too mellow. Fozzie the Bear gets a little too excited to be in Jay Leno's house and Bobo the Bear attempts to sell cookies for his daughter.
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I liked this episode. I still wish they would bring back the variety show aspect of the original and include more musical numbers and sketches, but it had a more muppet-y feel to me.
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This episode was better, although the thing I'm liking best about the new format is Uncle Deadly as Miss Piggy's dresser. Josh Groban was enjoyable, and seemed to get it.

Honestly, though- I agree with drezdn. Just bring back the Muppet Show as a proper variety show already!

Also, Gonzo doesn't have a mother! It's pretty much always been understood that no one knows what he is or where he comes from (I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Muppets from Space). Not even Gonzo knows.
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Much, much better. Some stuff that made me smile:

Pepe the King Prawn
Miss Piggys color codes
- Der pigee be gropin de Groban!
The Electric Mayhem playing DEAD INSIDE. We wrote it today. *sigh*
Fair play to Leno for playing along Fozzie. He gets a lot of shit over being an hack, and owned up to it.
- I take messages. I DON'T JUDGE TONE.
Kermit's vertical leap
- Lawrence Fishburne: "I had a really rough night." "What happened?" "I WATCHED YOUR SHOW! AND IT SUCKED!"

It's probably a bit too time intensive to produce, but I'd love to see some 15 minutes with the "actual" show as some web exclusive. 5 minutes of Miss Piggy doing the late show shtick, 5 minutes of interview, 5 minutes of musical guest.
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- I take messages. I DON'T JUDGE TONE.

Oh, yeah- the receptionist is pretty great, too.
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"Dead Inside" was my first laugh-out-loud moment of the show. Laurence Fishburne's sick burn was the other.

I know ABC is just throwing every single in-house celeb they can into this show with cameos to snag viewers, but I would dearly love for some celebrity to become a running gag (the Muppets LOVE a running gag!) week after week. Tom Bergeron as the guy who gets bumped every week, or Larry Fishburne as the guy who burns Kermit every week, anything.

I also like TheWhiteSkull's idea of doing a 15-minute web version of Miss Piggy's show.
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Maybe Greg Nog can do the Miss Piggy web show, but with unsettling-looking humans standing in for the puppets.
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I'm starting to think the writers don't get Miss Piggy or like Miss Piggy.

I don't think Miss Piggy cares about her dress size. I'm pretty sure she thinks that whatever dress size she wears is the ideal dress size for all women, whether human or pig. She's jealous, she gets angry, I don't think of her as insecure.

It feels like they're trying to take her a little too far into Jenna Maroney territory, which you can't really do in a TV-PG way.
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Sorry, the web series idea was from lmfsilva, not TheWhiteSkull. My mistake.
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I'm starting to think the writers don't get Miss Piggy or like Miss Piggy...She's jealous, she gets angry, I don't think of her as insecure.

See, I think I'm in the minority when I say that I like the new iteration of Piggy, back to the film that Jason Siegel was in, and that it's her absence of insecurity that I like.
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Wait, was this really a joke in this episode? Because that's pretty flagrant joke theft if so. That's a really well-known Ron Swanson line.
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I never realized how charming The Office was until I had this to compare it to.

I did laugh a bit, but the whole thing seems like a big missed opportunity.
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I laughed at this more than the previous. And the moment of tension at the end was perfect, Piggy standing there with her mouth gaping open--it could have been another Kermit fail, could have been what it was. The timing was better, and they toned down the misogynist stuff not enough! but a little, hopefully it's a downward trend.
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Still iffy on it. Fozzie's kleptomania in regards to Jay Leno knickknacks was funny for the most part, but the fact that he was completely unable to resist the urge to steal something again, especially after being told he was going to be around Jay all the seemed forced. Then again, I've never stolen a candy bowl from George Carlin, either.

I've always thought of Miss Piggy being kind of vain, so I don't find the dress size thing being that far of an extension of that vanity.

Weirdly, the voices seemed more off in this episode than the previous. It was distracting with Fozzie and a little with Kermit.
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I love the writers for writing a storyline where Jay Leno is explaining to Fozzie how he's glad Fozzie doesn't steal material. That was freaking solid gold, a+, veering into the subversive place I want this show to occupy in my heart.

Fozzie's voicing is still bothering me.

I would also LOVE to see a Christmas special with Groban back.
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