Angel: Blind Date   Rewatch 
October 8, 2015 6:17 AM - Season 1, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Lindsey can't quite bring himself to let three children die, so he enlists Angel to protect them against a blind assassin hired by Wolfram & Hart. Lindsey's supervisor then offers him a big promotion, because that's how evil law firms work, apparently. And Wesley finds a very interesting scroll.

We get more of a look at W&H in this ep, which firmly positions it as not just the enabler of a Big Bad but in fact the Biggest Bad Of Them All, essentially setting up the rest of the series.
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Oh, Lindsey. He never quite managed to choose between evil and not.
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Lucky there was only one blind woman in the criminals database...

I always figured Lindsay was part of the prophecies somehow, which is why he kept getting promoted even after all of his failures and double-crosses, much like how Angel was conveniently not supposed to be killed.

You can see Gunn's progression between this episode, where he says, "Not really interested in some rich guy's heartbreak" and "The Thin Dead Line," when Jackson says, "White man dying. Not exactly losing sleep on it" when Wesley gets shot, and Gunn's violently upset reaction to that line.

I love that they call Willow to decrypt the files, and there's a nod to the fact that Willow's decrypting Adam's files that day as well (though really they are planted files that are self-decrypting). Angel probably didn't endear himself to anyone on BTVS after his appearance last week, so it's nice Willow agreed to help them anyway. I like Angel and Wesley's desultory "hey."

Of course, this introduces the Shanshu Prophecy, which plays an important role throughout the series.
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