The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (Shaolin Master Killer) (1978)
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"The anti-Ching patriots, under the guidance of Ho Kuang-han, have secretly set up their base in Canton, disguised as school masters. During a brutal Manchu attack, Lui manages to escape and..." The classic about learning from monks and maybe teaching a little something to monks, too. With the greatest training scenes of all time.
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oh man I've been waiting for an excuse to re-watch this

Is there a wuxia Fanfare club?
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I'd join!
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In my memory 90% of the movie is crossing those pits at dinner.
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I forgot that this movie starts with waterfall punching. Always the sign of good things to come.

Also, kung fu against a solid color background? I think I need a screensaver like that.
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Jumping off a roof to smash open palanquin with an axe. That's on my bucket list.
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The rebel general is either really strong or that's a really light poleaxe.
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God it would be so tempting to slap people all the time if it made that kind of sound.
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"He likes to kill for no reason."
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"I should have learned kung fu instead of ethics!"
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The opening really holds back on light. It's all overcast or night scenes. Lots of blacks and desaturation. When they first leave town, you really do feel like you've seen the sun for the first time in a long time.
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Shaolin loves bok choy.
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Ah, Senior Nemesis Monk was introduced earlier than I remember. His first appearance is as the skeptic who says they shouldn't let San Te stay at the temple.
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"There are 35 Chambers here."
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Probably worth being a senior monk so you can smile at the foolish things the unlearned say. What a great expression.
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The 35th Chamber makes Buddhism seem cool as hell. Saying cool sutras, hitting wood blocks, making some mouth sounds. Being able to Force Push noobs is pretty sweet, too.
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Watching San Te repeatedly miss lunch because he keeps falling off of the logs is making me hungry.
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Yay, he did it and got a knowing nod from afar! And buddy back-pats.
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I hope knives attached to you arms so that if you lower the buckets you're carrying you get stabbed in the side becomes some kind of Crossfit trend or something.
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This weird wrist strengthening exercise where you hold a long pole with the heavy weight at the end of it could also be a Crossfit thing. Except here, once you've mastered it, you never do it again.
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Oh, man, he's gonging so good with the crazy weighted pole now!

This is what people want to believe skill progression is like, which is part of the appeal of this movie.
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Sci-fi laser sound effects when the eye chamber monk opens his eyes don't really go with this movie. But, they're pretty hilarious.
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Really athletic eye acting from Gordon Liu here.
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BWOOOP! Now San Te has the laser eyes.

"Hit only those poles with reflections."

An Enter the Dragon mirror-maze-style scene. I think these are tense because success is a matter of fast and accurate perception. Unlike feats of strength, that's something we all feel we can do. In fact, we can kind of play along at home.

"I've had a great many students. You are the best one yet." Mentally, I have to add "Harry Potter."
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First bit of overt tenderness shown to San Te, from the headbutt chamber master. Actually lets him in on what his "career path" is if he succeeds as part of a pep talk.
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Man, monks may offer harsh tutelage, but they also set up hoops of fire for you to kick pots through. This is a world-class facility.
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I had no idea that rotating a staff in tight circles was so critical to good staff fighting.
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Five years at Shaolin. I guess back then you could spend five years on a problem.
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Senior Skeptic Monk is pretty intimidating. Gotta suck to have a guy suddenly call you out and ask you to defeat his swords at your promotion meeting.
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Even though it's an old-fashioned sound effect, even for 1978, the "horn" that sounds every time Senior Monk touchés San Te is very alarming, effective.
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"What weapon is he using?"
"Some fighting-sticks he made himself."
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The magic of this movie is that it totally convinces you that something as ridiculous the three-section stuff can do these amazing yo-yo tricks to swords. So good.
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"I want to create a new chamber. Shaolin skills are confined here. In my view, that is a pity."

This movie reveres the traditional, but also people who shake up institutions.
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Third act: San Te now wears the senior monk uniform and returns to his ravaged hometown.
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And that's how Shaolin became a real boy.
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