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Sarah must pose as Katja to find a mysterious suitcase. As Sarah delves further into the mystery of her lookalikes, she meets Alison - another lookalike who may provide her with the answers she needs.
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My god this show got really good, really fast.

No spoilers for future episodes, but there are so many things happening at once, I have to list them all:

- Still have no idea why "The German" had blood samples of all the clones?
- Soccer mom is a clone, but has another clone in her basement but is somehow at the center and is super paranoid?
- Foster mom knows about the clone program?
- Who the hell is shooting them and why?

I am kind of glad I can catch up on the whole season as fast as I want on Amazon Prime Video, I love how the story is being revealed in very tiny chunks along the way.
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I love this show so much. The way Tatiana Maslany can simultaneously play street urchin Sarah and tight-lipped soccer mom Alison to the point where you totally buy them as two completely different people is amazing. Also, I love the way the characters in this show ACTUALLY TALK TO EACH OTHER; there's been more discussion and shared knowledge by episode 2 of this show than there was in the first two seasons of LOST.
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It's been said that the best performance in any given episode of Orphan Black is when Maslany plays one of the clones portraying another of the clones. It is remarkable how subtly distinctive -- for example -- Alison, Sarah, Alison-as-Sarah, and Sarah-as-Alison are.

In a perfect world, Tatiana Maslany would have wound up with the Eliza Dushku role in Dollhouse.
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I still think how disturbing it must have been to see yourself killed twice!! In front of you so fast, Beth and the German. Just a mindf**k of suicide-death.
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I really like this show! I decided to watch this based on the Fanfare posts. Tatiana Maslany is really good!! I hope there is a dutch clone :-)
posted by Pendragon at 2:33 PM on August 3, 2014

In a perfect world, Tatiana Maslany would have wound up with the Eliza Dushku role in Dollhouse.

Remake, as wrong and creepy as that show got, it could have been incredibly topical and fun.

Is there an equivalent to the Bechdel test for clone SF? First production that would pass!
posted by sammyo at 3:21 PM on August 5, 2014

I can't slow down. Yesterday I watched the first season for a THIRD time this week, now together with my parents. They loved the show. It was midnight when we watched the last episode of season 1. Tommorow we start with season 2. I can't wait...
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Foster mom knows about the clone program?

I didn't pick up on this. Was it hinted at in this episode?
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Also it's great to see Maria Doyle Kennedy in another great show! Amazed I never knew she grew up in the same part of Dublin as I did.
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I didn't pick up on Mrs. S knowing about anything either. I also didn't see any clear statements about a clone program until the preview for the next episode. I mean that's pretty much the only thing I had heard about the show.

The bit with Paul was a little awkward, but then again so was what we had in the first episode.

That being said I'd love to watch more of the Sarah+ and Felix show and am starting the third episode now.
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German version of These Boots Are Made For Walking. OMG.
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I wish Sarah would disclose a bit more to Felix - she obviously trusts him with her daughter, but why not trust him with the crazy rabbit hole stuff she just found herself in?
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