Bob's Burgers: The Land Ship
October 12, 2015 11:10 AM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

When the Land Ship Parade is re-routed in front of Bob's Burgers, Bob is hoping for increased business, until the porta-potties show up right in front of his restaurant. Meanwhile, Tina tries to spice up her image, but ends up finding there are some things that are more important to her than rebellion and bad kissing.
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It might have just been that I was tired, but this one never really grabbed me.

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I agree, it wasn't their strongest. I really liked the bad kissing, and Linda attributing all of Tina's weirdness in this episode to puberty (awwww).
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the bad kissing cracked me up
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When Tina was really tired, I thought they were going to have her get mono (which wouldn't be a bad episode idea).
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Yeah, the bad kissing was a thing of beauty.
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I loved watching Tina be not-that-into a boy.
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Not the strongest episode, but still several great moments. The whole concept of the Landship was awesome.

"And then we slaughtered them all!"
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I dunno, I enjoyed this greatly. Bad kissing! Tina being spicy! Land Ship!

Also, our DVR didn't record the whole thing, so we had this moment of suspense during the parade - WHAT HAPPENS?????? Then we looked it up on demand.
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I was actually hoping that the Landship parade and ceremony would go off without the mainsail ever being raised. It would've been a great ending that all of Tina's anxiety and all of Jordan's anticipation would have been for naught and maybe would have lead to something unanticipated; somewhat like Bob's anxiety about the port-a-potties and them turning out to be a good thing.
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On moving the port-a-potties: "We'll rock the back and forth and slaughter everyone inside!"

I was definitely thinking that the paint/spackle would crumble off the sail or just stick it together or something.

My favourite part of the episode, aside from the wonderfully terrible kissing - "It has many of the same things real kissing has" - was Tina sleeping on Bob's hand, and Bob unable to take his hand away due to his love and concern for Tina, even as the other kids pester him and he says he'll do it. It's just the sweetest moment and it's why the Belchers may be my favourite TV family.
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My heart also went "awww" at that moment.
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But I want to do a smoky eye!
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