Jane the Virgin: Chapter Twenty-Three
October 12, 2015 10:07 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Time to get Jane's baby back, and deal with miracle-seekers and tabloid stars and irritating hashtags! Everyone copes with having a drastic change in life. Latin Lover Narrator is on FIRE today.

Jane gets the baby back in eleven minutes of screen time--Rose took Mateo in order to get back a dragonfly pin with a chip of plastic surgery "before and after" records that Luisa made off with. Of course, Luisa's current girlfriend chucked it in the pool, but it's gotten back and Michael swaps the baby out for it. Michael is MVP in this episode, for many reasons.

Unfortunately, Rogelio's Amber Alerting his fanbase leads to a bunch of tabloids and religious people making noise on Jane's lawn, which Jane finally breaks up by telling the head nun she actually had sex, and then check out this miraculous milk I'm making! (Jane spends most of the episode worrying about breastfeeding and how an abduction might affect such.) Michael also MVP's by being there for Rogelio and telling Rafael how one can "get in" with the Villanueva women--read a book, then have the answer when all the ladies are stumped.

Petra spends the episode debating whether or not to inseminate herself. Of course she ends up going for it, then apparently Raf's assistant knows about it. Luisa is her usual trainwreck self. Oh, and some Germans want to go after Jane now? Huh?

Oh, and I didn't actually take notes tonight while watching (oh, laziness), but there were soooo many good moments from the narrator. He was really tearing it up out there!
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The Cher singing moment was great.


Oh, Petra. I got the feeling she actually was into having a baby in the earlier episodes, but in this one she clearly isn't excited about it at all. I just want her to get some counseling and stop looking for love in all the wrong places!

I hope this all isn't leading up to Michael losing his job...
posted by chaiminda at 3:39 AM on October 14, 2015

I really hope this show isn't going to flatline into the "who will Jane end up with?!?" storyline, because Jane is so much more interesting than the guy she may-or-might not date. I trust the show, but the premier made me nervous.

Rogelio calling Matteo 'Mattelio' is why he's my favorite. Also, Petra yakking her mom's ear off about all her problems while her mom is standing in this grim prison was hilarious.
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I love this show but I'm a little worried for season two. How can they keep it all up?
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I like how both guys are mensches. Team Threesome, indeed.
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The delivery on "Just Gloria Estefan. She wants to know if there’s anything she can do." killed me.
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