Adventure Time: The Limit   Rewatch 
October 19, 2015 4:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 22 - Subscribe

Finn and Jake are sent to rescue the hot dog knights from a mysterious maze and Jake is forced to test the limits of his stretch power.
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The actual sandwich eating.
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"I want to blow up... get huge." *pop*

One of the great bits of writing in this episode is that Finn actually takes a selfish risk by wishing for the Psychic Tandem War Elephant instead of helping Jake + the knights. There's a chance he wouldn't have been able to bond with the elephant, or that it wouldn't have got a wish, but wishing for it despite the risks is so Finn.
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I found this one slightly harrowing; oh no, Jake! All jacked up.

And the Hot Dog Knights are so adorably dopey: "I wish for a box."
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The box thing always cracks me up - esp. the way it immediately trips out of his tongue.

One of my favorites, no doubt about it - and it seems to be a response to fans asking how far Jake can stretch. Many funny moments - a classic Adventure Time episode.
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I haven't had a lot to say about the episodes, but it is so awesome to see the summaries on the front page. Hearing the absurdity described in narrative terms... delights me.

Thanks for the hard work in doing them.
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This is definitely a top 10 episode for me. I love it so.
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After Memories of Boom-Boom Mountain, this is the second-most-quoted Adventure Time episode between my girlfriend and me. Specifically, "I'll do anything you want if you say my name three times", and "Okay, well you can take your weird body issues and tuck them somewhere private. Where I can take my healthy body issues... and [whatever I'm about to do]."
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