Jane the Virgin: Episode Twenty-Four
October 19, 2015 10:04 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Meet "Bachelorette Jane," who thinks Jane needs to pick one of the dudes again. Because that's totally a priority when you just gave birth.

Jane's just had a baby and should be worrying about things like how to shower and the noisy band neighbors and thinking her baby is going to get stolen again, not which dude to pick. However, the show has decided otherwise and Jane is being followed around by "Bachelorette Jane," a cheerful, sparkly Not-Jane who muses over which dude. Jane has lovely experiences with both dudes and finally just ends up spurting out that she's in love with both of them, which displeases both dudes.

Xiomara and Rogelio end up working on a cruise ship, boinking like bunnies, and debating whether or not he's over his previous ex-wife yet. Alba has a scare when cops come to the house and then decides she's going to take the risk of trying to get her green card. Petra and the Solanos get bamboozled in a business deal, and Rafael finds out about his stolen sperm accidentally. Ruh-roh....and the Latin Lover Narrator is deeelighted at Rafael's pain and Petra's...well, of course she is.
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Long live Bachelorette Jane!

The Alba immigration stuff is heartbreaking and important and I am so glad that this show that I love is doing it.
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I just stumbled in here after the MetaTalk post about Books on FanFare... not much to say on this episode right now, but I'll be back in for the next one now that I've added this to my FanFare :)

(Also loved Bachelorette Jane)
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Ok, I'm in the first couple minutes of this episode, but after all the talk of Team Threesome last week (which I'm on board with!), this ep starting with Stranger in a Strange Land made me choke on my gummy bears.
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