Bob's Burgers: Hauntening
October 20, 2015 9:04 AM - Season 6, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Louise claims to have never been scared before, so the Belcher family conspires to scare her once and for all with the scariest haunted house of all time.

Store Next Door: Blood Bath and Beyond - Red Bathroom Products
Pest Control Truck: The Last Mouse on the Left Pest Control
Burger of the Day: Breaking Radish Burger (comes with a slice of radish)
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So great on a number of levels. I twigged to the fake-shitty-haunted-house idea pretty quickly, but it was executed very well. Louise's reaction to finally being scared was just so delightful. There is a ton of heart in this show, for all of the dysfunction that exists in its world.
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These days, Bob's Burgers sometimes hits a bit too much on the banality of cute, but every Belcher (plus Teddy and Mort) plotting to give Louise a real thrill was something else.
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I feel like you're doing a really good job as a dad.
Thank you, Gene. I'm having a good childhood.
Okay, great.
Not right now, but overall.
I got it. Thanks.
No, thank you.
Uh, okay...
Thank you for your service.

This part was hilarious and touching, and then if you think about it as something Gene planned to say at some point because he knew it was all fake, it becomes so poignant I could cry.
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I loved this episode so much, and I love the Belchers so much. Every single episode there's a moment where I'm smiling and thinking "I love these weirdo Belcher kids!"

This whole episode was a gem, but I laughed long and hard at Gene's "That is not a good use of that room!"
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This was such a great episode. I figured out the decoy house really quickly, but that didn't really matter.
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Same here! We laughed heartily at most of this episode and are still quoting it several days later ("I'm having a good childhood!", "You're the one making it weird, Dad". . . I guess we just like to quote Gene).

I also loved "That is not a good use of that room!!!!"

Although I did wonder, I mean, Tina is usually crap at keeping secrets and play-acting. Wherefrom the acting chops?
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Another great family moment was when Bob gave Tina permission to dig her nails into his arm.
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Girl, it's freaky
You trick-or-treat me
My teeth are extra sharp
My body's extra hairy
I'm running in the dark
I love you so much
It's scary

I loved how they incorporated Boyz 4 Now into the episode and created yet another brilliant earworm. I really, really wish they'd release the damn album already.
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I also love how Bob starts out so annoyed by the music but ends up totally happy to sing and dance with all the rest. He's such a great dad.
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here's the official music video

That was such a great episode, and like everyone said, despite figuring out the reveal, it was still really really great, and the payoff with the feels at the end was perfect.

And Gene is always so quotable

"How are we gonna scare Mom and Dad?"
"Dad's scared of failure."
"Where do we find some of that?"
"Let's look in the cupboards."
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I just discovered this show last week on Hulu and I can’t stop watching.

Earlier today, I was wondering if Bob ever wins.

Yes. Yes, he does. Sometimes it’s not big or obvious and sometimes, he knocks it out of the park.

This one, he blew the doors off and out of the park. It was perfect.
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