The Wire: Sentencing   First Watch 
August 3, 2014 9:37 AM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Season One ends with a montage.
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Poor D. Again, trapped by his peers, this time his mother guilts him into not giving evidence. To be fair to Brienne, while I think most of this is self interest, there's an argument that D's life is over if he gives evidence: literally everyone he knows will hate him, and some of them will try to kill him. Of course, its not clear how much D even care's about that at this point.

Its interesting how close the Detail come to winning here. D could have rolled up most of the remaining crew here, so it all came down to whether he flipped or not. And, of course, they had the opportunity to go federal, but turn it down because the fed's want corruption rather than the gang lords. Here's a thought: maybe the feds are right? The low level crime continues because of high level support after all.
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I thought the overriding theme was that there were not going to be easy answers, the drug problem is ingrained and integrated into a stable ecology that was in many ways self supporting. Putting away a pusher was trivial and essentially a wasted effort, changing society is beyond the police basic charter and kinda hard anyway.

Personal misconception as I like boating, getting assigned to the marine division would be the best thing ever. (although when this was foreshadowed by the captain asking McNulty seemed naive to actually give an honest answer to what his least liked post would be)
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FanFare Talk: Whither 'The Wire'?
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