Fringe: Everything In Its Right Place   Rewatch 
October 26, 2015 1:55 PM - Season 4, Episode 17 - Subscribe

Agent Lee feels out-of-sorts with all the changes going on around him, and decides to take a working vacation on the Other Side. There, he faces an existential dilemma: is it your environment, your upbringing, or your decisions that make you who you are?
posted by the man of twists and turns (1 comment total)
For some reason every time I see this ep and it shows Lincoln and Lincoln going through their history and a ton of it matching up - it makes me laugh really hard. Same, same, same, same, same, same, WTH HAPPENED? It reminds me somewhat of the thing where my brother and I were raised by the same people, share a bunch of genes, and yet so very different.

Nice guys finish last - and alive, apparently. Not that other lincoln isn't nice...just the kind of cocky who makes me very annoyed.
posted by fluffy battle kitten at 11:37 PM on October 26, 2015

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