Gotham: Mommy's Little Monster
November 3, 2015 7:08 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Selina faces a disappointment, Bruce makes googly eyes, Nygma solves a puzzle. Penguin organizes a flash mob, Gavlan twirls his mustache and Gordon begins to piece it together.
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Boy oh boy, was my hypothesis about Miss Kringle not being dead ever wrong. This is the first time I've ever seen the lady in the refrigerator be in a snack machine instead.
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Penguin is going to murder the shit out of Galavan and his sister. Murdering them may not even satisfy him. He may keep them in a hole and torture them forever. Those two actors may end up guest starring five seasons from now as "the Galavans still suffering in a pit."

And though I can buy Selina's awkward, self-sabotaging attempts to call Silver out on her bullshit--she is a kid after all, dealing with a kid she maybe like likes--I sort of expected her to be more clever.

I sort of expected that instead of going to lunch, she'd have cornered Alfred and said, "Listen old man: I know you hate me and don't want me here because you think I'm bad for Bruce. But that girl over there is a straight up snake and I do care enough to tell you on my way out so you can protect Bruce."
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I do like Penguins "upward" trajectory over the past 2 years. He started out as a lackey, and I'm pretty sure that this instance is what transforms him from enfant terrible of the crime world into a full-blown seething criminal mastermind.
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Remember also that people generally have two parents.

If you want a mild spoiler for the coming episodes, Google "gotham penguin's father."
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I've grown to like Theo and I'm really fond of Tabby, but jeez -- talk about not being good judges of people. Penguin will kill them so hard.
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"If you think foo (which sucks), you probably also think bar, which sucks even worse" is a famously bad template for arguing.
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I think you're going to find that putting words in people's mouths, specifically so that you can criticize those words is going to be taken poorly here. (BTW, please don't ever do that discussing politics. It does not work for that. You are very wrong.)

I also think that if you view the writing of genre television shows as sacrosanct and beyond criticism, Fanfare may prove to be a troubling and confusing place for you. As may the Internet, in general.
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