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November 4, 2015 4:38 PM - Season 4, Episode 19 - Subscribe

This was one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. They took a huge risk removing the show from the present day and bringing it into a dystopian future, shifting the Observers from a relatively neutral force to evil occupiers, etc. A big, big shakeup. Through it all we see glimpses of a Walter that could have been: Childlike and happy with part of his brain missing vs. Hardcore and determined with his brain restored.

What else would we expect from a 19th episode. In season 2 we were given the musical "Brown Betty." In season 3, it was the surreal Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. 19's were always bold, whacky eps. And this was no exception.

Broyles: “What did you do in the future to get yourself such a crap detail?”
Windmark: “I like animals.

When this episode was produced, the fate of the show was in question. The show had been all but cancelled and there were three episodes left to in the series. By the time episode 19 aired, rumors had begun to fly that a shortened fifth season could be a possibility. This is the episode that helped Season 5 become a reality.
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This one was so good. I wish the 2014-15 rewatch conversation had continued this far.
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