Bob's Burgers: Gayle Makin' Bob Sled
November 9, 2015 3:05 PM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Bob braves a Thanksgiving Day blizzard to pick up Aunt Gayle, who has a broken ankle. In Bob's absence, Linda and the Belcher kids take on the Thanksgiving cooking responsibilities.

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It was... ok.

Best joke was right at the start, after Bob was complementing the turkey:
Gene: I heard that turkey had a ton on work done: his head chopped off, skin removed, big ol' boobs...
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I feel weird about the whole Gayle maybe hitting on Bob. Linda doesn't strike me as the type of character to take that likely, but maybe she would make an exception for Gayle.
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Well there was the episode where Gayle and Bob kissed and Linda thought it was good for Gayle's self esteem.

(Please tell me this was a real episode and I'm not misremembering this. I don't want to live with the knowledge that my subconcious developed this plotline on its own.)
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Yeah, it was the Dr. Yap one.
posted by Sys Rq at 9:00 PM on November 9, 2015

(Also: Skin removed? Feathers, sure...)
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I really enjoyed the dancing turkey during the credits.

Although, the idea of turkey legs sewn back onto the turkey with thread makes me throw up a little in my mouth.
posted by meese at 7:28 AM on November 10, 2015

Wait, someone thought this was just "meh"? My wife and I consider this one of the top episodes. It felt like they riffed on the script and animated the best parts of that.

Linda: Tina, you're on Team Turkey with me, baby.
Tina:So it's me, you and the turkey against Gene and Louise?
Linda: No. I mean, sure.
Tina: Shove it, sides.
Linda: Tina, focus. Your father just said a bunch of stuff that I didn't write down.
Tina: Call him back.
Linda: No, no, no, no, no. We got it. W-We'll look it up.
Tina: Hey, is there... is there any more room on Team Sides?
Linda: Tina! Look at me! We can do this.

Gayle: Tell me a story, Bob.
Bob: Not right now, Gayle.
Gayle: Okay, I'll tell one. Once there was a movie called You've Got Mail.

My wife and I are pretty sure that turkey scene will be us at Thanksgiving, as we're in charge of food this year. "This side is brown. This side is raw. I'm getting readings all over the place!"

OK - I'll stop there, or I'll just be posting the rest of the episode. Instead, I'll just read this transcript and laugh to myself.
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Not their strongest episode - they need to get a zany Thanksgiving episode in that doesn't involve Bob's fraught love affair with the holiday - but still full of some great moments:

Linda: Gene, get me a needle. Tina, get me some thread. Louise, get me a drink. Everybody scrub in for turkey surgery, stat!

Linda: Oh, she fakes injuries when she's sad. Or when she's happy. Or bored. Or injured.
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Oh, and the exchange between Gayle and Tina (Yeah, right. Who spends Thanksgiving with their aunt?/Aunt Gayle, you know you're our aunt, right?) reminded me of a moment with my wife's family, on Christmas Eve some years ago. Whole family - parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins - is over at our place, and I go to take the dogs for a walk (because I love my wife and I don't mind family, but, you know, it gets to be enough after a while), and one of my wife's cousin's kids comes along - she's maybe 14 at the time.

Anyways, we're walking along and there's a house along the way that is beautifully decorated on the outside, but all dark on the inside, except for the Christmas tree, and obviously the people who live there aren't home. So I comment on the fact that they have a beautiful house, but I wouldn't leave it like that because it is so obvious no one is at home; i.e., ripe for a break-in. And my wife's cousin's kid says "Yeah, I can't believe people don't spend Christmas Eve at their own house. I mean, who does that?"
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Wait, someone thought this was just "meh"?

I feel like we've seen it all before, like it was cobbled together from bits of past episodes. Might as well have been a clip show.

And there weren't many laughs. The Bob-Gayle half was especially not great.
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Wait, someone thought this was just "meh"?

I also thought this was a great episode. Tastes differ, I guess.
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"May I fart?"
"I have to fart, but I... we're huddled, so..."
"Yeah, I'd rather you didn't."

"Oh. Oh. There you go. You-you just did."
"I did."

How did they overhear the nightly conversations in our house???
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Wait, someone thought this was just "meh"?

I stopped within a minute or so of Bob arriving at Gayle's. First time I've ever done that for this show but I don't expect that to happen to often.
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Mister Business! Mister Jim Business.
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"How's the turkey? I mean, how are you and the kids?"

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wow, I don't understand some of the comments. was it really that terrible? Bob's love of thanksgiving is a seasonal highlight for me. It's just hilarious in its sincerity. And the whole exchange with Gayle is exactly how it feels to spend time with a family member you don't like, but having to tolerate and help out when you're there.
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Gayle is so unrelentingly awful in this it makes it hard to watch.
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I actually rewatched this last night strictly for catching all of Gayle's awfulness, since I couldn't take it all in the first time. It's hysterical.

She's so terrible, but now that I think about it, several of my favorite episodes happen to be Gayle-centric: this one, the one where the kids all write stories featuring Gayle, and Art Crawl. Hmm. Never thought about it like that before :|
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I think the problem with Gayle here is that she went past wanting attention to Family Guy style douchebaggery after the car broke down.
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