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November 12, 2015 2:24 PM - Season 11, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Castiel learns what Metatron has been up to, and seeks him to to learn more about the Darkness. Meanwhile, Crowley is losing his hold on Amara.
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There was a lot of dialogue in this episode, resulting in some interesting reveals. Any episode with a lot of Crowley is going to hold my attention. Loved the bit between him and Dean, where he tells Dean he's finally ready to kill him.
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I like how Metatron went all Nightcrawler without his powers. It fit him.

Was anyone else sort of put off by the dialogue scene between Darkness and Dean? I mean, I get that they're connected somehow and when they first met she was in the form of an adult woman, but that scene just felt icky to me with a teen actress in the role. Then following that up with "Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon?" Yeesh.

I do like the idea of her being God's sister. That really wood piss off the Bible thumpers.
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In the thread about the previous episode I posted something about it being odd that the babysitter who lost her soul compared touching tween-Amara's hand to having an orgasm. It kind of shocked me they went there. And then this episode seems to be running with the sexualization of Amara, who at least isn't like 12 anymore but still seems really young for all those lingering looks with Jensen Ackles. (The use of Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon left absolutely no doubt what they were going for there too. What's next, Young Girl by Gary Puckett & The Union Gap?)

To be clear, I'm not saying I was personally offended. (Well, the orgasmic handshake last week creeped me out.) But I'm shocked, because a lot of people definitely will be upset about this stuff and it's kind of hard to defend it.

The "barely legal" thing is a well-known male fantasy, but it seems like a fantasy almost guaranteed to piss off a lot of Supernatural's viewership. I've said this before, but Supernatural seems to me like a pretty macho, even occasionally bro-y show that's going out to a really vocal feminist fandom. It's a weird arrangement. The show keeps steadily killing off female characters, and the fandom hates it. Dean has called female characters bitches like a hundred times, and the show's fandom hated that too. (Dean seems to have backed off from that lately, thank goodness.) Now they seem to be working the Lolita trope, and without even checking the fan forums I can guess that a significant portion of the show's fans are outraged.

All that being said, I thought this was another strong episode. When they were cutting between all the different plot-lines, with Castiel beating secrets out of Metatron over here and Crowley officially ending his bromance with Dean over there, it was genuinely thrilling stuff. This season has been really cooking so far.

But I'll still be glad when Amara gulps down a few more souls and ages into the actress from Dean's vision.
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Ok now would it not be awesome if they kept aging her? Like, every episode, she got another five or ten years older with another actress and Dean was still super sexy with her by episode 20 when she's a Smoking-Hot Crone with silver hair and.bloodied claws?
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Ok now would it not be awesome if they kept aging her? Like, every episode, she got another five or ten years older with another actress and Dean was still super sexy with her by episode 20 when she's a Smoking-Hot Crone with silver hair and.bloodied claws?

That would be *amazing*.

Other thoughts:
* Remember when Hell was scary?

* Not killing demons might be taking pacifism a little far.

* I'm so relieved Crowley survived. His interaction with Dean here was great.
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It's less about not killing the demons and more about not killing the meat suits, which I think is admirable and might make conflicts with demons more interesting. I hope they stick with it.
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Sam has been hard to like sometimes, the last few seasons. But now that Sam and Dean seem to be on good terms and we're getting bleeding heart Sam again, it makes me remember why I've always liked the guy. Of COURSE he's trying to save all the meatsuits!

I thought it was funny how they dealt with the Book of the Damned, Cas just pulling out of his pocket like it was no big deal. It's like, "Yeah, we've moved on from that whole plot, so last season's Maguffin is kinda worthless now."

It occurred to me that since Rowena let the Darkness out, Rowena and Amara will have to meet. My prediction: Rowena tries to start a partnership, maybe puffs up about how she let Amara out so she deserves something in return... and then Amara sucks out her soul, or kills her. Now that Crowley is back to being a badass evil guy, I suspect his headgames with Rowena are basically over and the writers will be planning to take her out.

(Either that, or since Rowena is the one who let Amara out, Rowena will be the one to put Amara back in the box.)
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That was the demon tablet that Cas pulled out of Metatron's mattress. Rowena still has the Book of the Damned.

I'm waiting for Amara to threaten to eat Sam's soul. That would make things pretty interesting! But the storylines so rarely seem to go the way I imagine they will.
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You're right, I mixed up the book and the tablet. But it's still funny how the demon tablet is no big deal now, compared to all the drama about it before.
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Agreed! After all that fuss, it was just a sad trombone + bedbug joke.

I have wondered about bedbugs more than once, watching them stay in crappy motels all the time!
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Crowley: What are you looking at? Still learning all you can about the world?
Amara: If nonsensical slogans attached to idiotic pictures of domestic animals counts as the world.
Crowley: Excuse me?
Amara: Memes.

Dean: [on the phone with Castiel] How long's it been since you left the bunker?
Castiel: Oh, why would I leave? I've got everything I need right here.
Dean: Wait. Is that -- are you watching Jenny Jones?
Castiel: It's a rerun. She's just about to announce the paternity results.... Jenny, he is not ready to be a father.
Dean: Okay. I thought you were going with socially acceptable binge watching. Uh, you know, The Wire, Game of Thrones.
Castiel: Yeah, well, a man can't live on caviar alone, Dean.

Metatron: [to Castiel, who has just deliberately smashed his videocamera] Hey! Do you have any idea how much stuff I had to steal and then pawn to pay for that?!

Metatron: You have gone full wuss. I don't know what it was that happened, but whatever it was, you are scarred...deep, paralyzed by trauma, by fear. I mean, look at you. You can't even hit me!
Castiel: [punches Metatron in the face]

Metatron: Can't take any more -- not a single human day. I mean, the indignities -- they just don't stop -- make-- making my rent and keeping my phone charged... hemorrhoids.


In a scene where Sam and Dean are talking about killing Amara, a poster can be seen directly behind Dean that reads "Protect". Near the end of the episode, when confronted with the opportunity of killing her, he protects her instead.

The title of this episode shares its name with a song from Into The Woods. In the song, the witch is trying to convince Rapunzel that she has everything she could ever desire right where she is, as a prisoner in a tower. Crowley is similarly trying to convince Amara that she doesn't need anything other than what Crowley is providing for her, while also being kept as a prisoner.

Many season 5 references are made in this episode. As Sam and Dean interrogate the demon, the walls are a dirty flowery pattern. This is the same room used in the episode "Changing Channels" (ep. 5.8). Crowley mentions putting Lucifer back in the cage, Amara is discovered to be the sister of God, Dean says "siren's song" in a phone conversation with Castiel, possibly in reference to the season 5 finale, which is titled "Swan Song", and the cage containing Lucifer, Michael and Adam is shown at the end of the episode. These references could be a build up to the return of the season 5 storyline with Michael/Lucifer and Dean/Sam.

In the final scene, Amara is walking NE along Granville Street between Dunsmuir St. and Pender St. in Vancouver, Canada.
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I can never help enjoying Badass Castiel.

You'd think Metatron would have learned not to taunt other angels for weakness the time he called Hannah weak and she promptly slammed his head against the bars of his cell.
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