Grimm: Lost Boys
November 13, 2015 7:51 PM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Rosalee disappears after some orphans decide she is the mother figure they always wanted; an encounter with a former colleague prompts Adalind to consider going back to work.

"I think I had a mother once." - Peter Pan

*Meisner tells Reynard about the death of the King - that it was orchestrated by Viktor, in retaliation for being supplanted by Kenneth, he made a deal with the Resistance for them to kill the King and deliver Diana to him. But Meisner says not to tell anyone.
*The mysterious screaming creature behind the metal door is revealed to be Trubel after all.
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Sometimes I forget how bad this show can be at times. That was a dumb episode, imo.

Nick and Adalind's new place is pretty underwhelming. I wonder if the show's budget just couldn't afford to shoot at that house anymore.
posted by homunculus at 9:40 AM on November 14, 2015

I was surprised he was able to sell his place that fast. Who'd want to buy a house where all the neighbors were just murdered.
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Nick and Adalind's new place is pretty underwhelming. I wonder if the show's budget just couldn't afford to shoot at that house anymore.

I doubt it's the budget - as per oh yeah!'s link, the show's now got enough shows in the can to be considered worth offering for syndication, and TNT has actually already bought cable re-broadcast rights. I don't think anyone would begrudge the show a few bucks for nicer sets.

The stark new place is just to make us (and Adalind) think that Nick may be getting a leeeeetle paranoid when he's all, "Furniture schmurniture! We've got steel shutters!!!"

I though it was a fine episode, if a little sappy. Nice to see Monroe and Rosalee using their Wesen abilities, for a while it was like the writers forgot that they were Wesen. Although I would've figured Rosalee to woge as soon as she woke up in the back of the truck.

And now we now that the Occultatum Libera group has been recruiting for years, locating orphaned Wesen kids to indoctrinate.
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Perhaps not just orphaned. This would be a good operation for a Troubled Youth facility.

Was the young girl not with them because of simple sex segregation or because fuchspau aren't fighty enough for their mission? And will she show up as a foster for Monrosealee?

I liked the episode. Anyone count the mementos in the kid's box? How many women have they snatched and murdered over the years?
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I counted 3 hair bunches, but couldn't make out the rest.

I thought this was a pretty nice episode. I always like Monroe and Rosalee stories. The characters are starting to accept new realities, i.e. Juliette's and Kelly's death, and not hoping for things to be back to normal, and I'm enjoying that.
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There's no way Juliette is dead. No body and repeatedly showing up in flashbacks? I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped it for a long time but I don't think for a second she's actually dead. The show was too clear about showing us tranquilizer crossbow bolts for me to trust them as a way of killing someone without confirmation.
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The reveal partway in that "mother" from the opening was named Wendy? Over-egging the pudding a little.
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