Farscape: The Ugly Truth   Rewatch 
November 13, 2015 11:01 PM - Season 2, Episode 17 - Subscribe

After a Plokavian ship is destroyed by Talyn with Crichton, Aeryn, D'Argo, Zhaan, and Stark on board, they are put on trial by the Plokavians. During their testimony, the story of their meeting with Talyn and Crais is told from a number of perspectives.[via]
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The obligatory Rashomon episode! Although, it has enough of a Farscape twist that I enjoyed it. It's fun to see how each character views his or her role in the story. And, when it's John's narrative, everyone gets the name of the aliens wrong (Plakavoids)! I also thought it was interesting that only John and Aeryn actually know that it was Talyn who fired on the Plokavian ship of his own accord.

The companion book says that the actors were thirty feet above the stage for most of the shots (on that tiny disc)! Also, that the actors had a bit of "cabin fever" from shooting the scene in Talyn where the lines were all similar, just slightly different. This episode was also designed to be a simple show "that wouldn't kill us, production-wise," David Kemper said. "It had the right genesis, but it just got carried away. Everyone tried to outdo themselves. But that's why Farscape is good." Amen to that!
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The different viewpoints were definitely a selling point of the episode, perhaps topped by D'argo's rendition which placed him as the leader in front of everyone else. Kudos on the set design on this one, I thought it was original and fascinating, especially the interrogation seat. I think the aliens could have gone completely without ever revealing their faces, but perhaps we were supposed to understand their idea of justice was as disfigured as themselves. I loved the stilt legs and dripping acid.

And yes, we concoct a ridiculous return for Stark in the last episode JUST so we can evaporate (sorry, DISPERSE) him in the NEXT episode. All I can think of is that they had a great idea for Stark's return down the line, but realized they had to quickly establish the background to it up front. Hence this rushed return and departure. Kind of....sloppy.

It's weird, but I just get fun shivers whenever I hear references to the Six Forbidden Cargoes. I love the concept, 'nuff said.
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I hear you on the forbidden cargoes; it's one of those weird worldbuilding pieces that just works. I also find the Stark "now he's here, now he's not" stuff really disorienting. This is one of those episodes I enjoy watching when it's on but remember very little about afterward.
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I know we hear about clorium in I, E.T., but I don't think we know of the other four forbidden cargoes.

Yes, the Stark randomness is weird. I think a lot of the explanation of his comings and goings gets left on the cutting room floor. I remember reading that Stark was going to be just in the episodes in the first season, but the producers liked the actor so much, they wanted to bring him back. I think they had to work around some other scheduled commitments. But, the show definitely could've explained his whereabouts much better!
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