Ash vs Evil Dead: Books From Beyond
November 15, 2015 6:44 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A mysterious woman finds the destruction at Kelly's parents' farm; Ash, Pablo and Kelly's quest with the Necronomicon continues; Fisher finds herself in another scary situation.
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I don't think this one worked as well as the first two episodes. The shift between the 'Ghost Beaters' comedy trio and the 'lone cop on a mission' was too much. And, though the entire episode is a demonstration of Ash making bad decisions, for him to leave Fisher trapped next to a corpse is so bad - he knows better than anyone that it would be bound to turn Deadite, and I'd think Kelly & Pablo should realize it by now too. (I mean, clearly Lucy Lawless will show up at the bookstore in the next episode just in time to save Fisher, and they'll continue tracking Ash & the book together, but still.)

Loved the 'an alone wolf' bit though.
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So many great Ash lines in this one.

"We might have time to stop for churros. And look, that's not a racist thing, Pablo. That's just a great dessert."
"OK... you know I'm not Mexican, right?"
"That's the spirit."

"You two learned a very important lesson today: cops don't help."
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For some reason my brain treats the show like a video game. Each episode is like a level, complete with boss fight. It just so happens that episode 3 was an interminably long cut scene that expands the universe. The knowledge that there are demons that can be unleashed in addition to deadites is good for the long term health of the show, I think. But in the short term, it was kind of boring and nothing really happened.
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I am appreciating that this world takes the Gaston approach to interior design; absolutely everyone uses antlers in all of their decorating.
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But in the short term, it was kind of boring and nothing really happened.

At the same time, though, I find myself watching and not really caring what happens next. Which, generally-speaking, is when I tune out from a show (Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, etc.), but this is too much fun. From the start I was sort of concerned about the pace -- how can they keep this up? -- but the setpieces (so far) are enough fun for me that I don't think it matters, so much.
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Wow, I'm loving this show.

It would make a terrible movie, but it really works as TV. "What will Ash say this episode?" or "How will someone somehow screw something up because they're a loveable dufus?" (Although to be fair, the situational stupidity in AvED is more plausible than in The Walking Dead.)

Pleasantly surprised by the very high quality of the CG - the tech as well as the art, and the actors' physical acting skills to go along with it. I'm sure I've seen exactly the same demon in this episode somewhere, though. Anyone identify what that was copied from?

The Deadite makeup/effects are a perfect homage to the physical effects in the original movies.

Pony request: One real1 "old-school" stop motion animation.

The direction is good, achieves a nice comic book feel especially with a few splashes of saturated colour in almost every scene. They remind me a little of comic book movies from the '90s like Dick Tracy, the Tim Burton Batmans, Spawn even - before they got washed out and grimdark.

Bruce has exactly the right attitude, Lucy Lawless is eating it up - not here just to chew through the scenery, and the supporting cast is turning out to be really solid.

I've only ever watched one other Starz show and it was a contract, not an original by Starz (Lost Girl, which was pretty awesome for a couple/few seasons before going Advanced Buffy). Based on their choice to fund AvED, I'm wondering if the other ones are worth checking out?

1 Computer assisted is perfectly fine, what I'd love to see are physical props, animated. C'mon, there's gotta be people who'd love to do it.
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