Fringe: Brave New World pt 2   Rewatch 
November 16, 2015 12:10 AM - Season 4, Episode 22 - Subscribe

The Team races to stop William Bell.

Fringe season finale recap: Terra Nova? Hell Noah! - "Peter and Olivia try to stop William Bell from creating his 'Brave New World' in an episode that sets the stage for the show's final season"

Fringe season 4 episode 22 review: Brave New World - Part 2 - The unexpected advent of an extra season for Fringe seems to have wreaked havoc with the season finale.

Fringe: “Brave New World (Part 2)”
The fourth season of Fringe began with two major questions: “Where are we?” And, “Where’s Peter?” But while the show has been distracting us—and sometimes even dividing us—with these mysteries, it’s also been developing a motif. The story of Fringe is largely the story of Walter Bishop, a cocky mad scientist who discovered an alternate universe, found a way to penetrate the barrier between our universe and theirs, and then was so shaken by what happened next—death, destruction, “fringe events”—that he hobbled his own brain, and descended into madness, before being pulled back into semi-sanity by his emotional attachment to a man who resembles his son. And week after week in season four, Fringe has introduced us to a series of Walter-types: men who commit terrible crimes in the cause of curing disease, or in order to help people find love, or just because they themselves never had the strong familial bond that Walter enjoys.

So who else could the season’s big villain be but William Bell, Walter’s old partner in scientific crime, and a man with the arrogance to torch the world in order to save it?
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Oh, no, did this one have some really terrible parts. Not only a wholly superfluous "you've had the power all along" Dumbo beat, but also a terribly cringey "You have the most extraordinary gifts, but the only one you were denied was knowing it."
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