Quantico: Quantico
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Discussing the new season as it occurs.
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This show is bonkers.
I love it.
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This show looked good when they first started teasing it, but the more I saw in previews the less I cared to watch it.

What are some shows that you'd say, "if you like X, you'll love Quantico"?
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24 / Gossip Girl
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I enjoy it as a guilty pleasure. I love how every single character who entered the academy has a Shocking Secret.
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This show is fun, and I love Priyanka Chopra in it, but there is one plot point that I can't come at, it makes no logical sense - when Ryan wakes up in the hospital, he tells the FBI that Alex was the one who shot him, he claims because he needs to say that in order help her from the inside. Why? What? How?

How can that possibly help her? It's perfectly reasonable for the FBI to think she is guilty if one of her friends says she shot him. Why doesn't he just tell them he doesn't know who shot him, maybe even that he's pretty sure it wasn't Alex?
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What are some shows that you'd say, "if you like X, you'll love Quantico"?

It's basically a soap opera with guns. If that appeals to you give it a watch, but if it sounds really dumb then you might wanna take a pass on this one.

Me, personally, I love every single glorious, overwrought, absurd minute of this wonderful hot mess of a show.
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Gray's Anatomy meets, uh, Homeland? No, GA meets State of Affairs.

ABC's Quantico Is Familiar in All the Right Ways
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I've certainly described it as Grey's Anatomy meets Homeland but I don't think it's as good at being Grey's Anatomy as the first couple seasons of Grey's Anatomy nor is at as good at being Homeland as Homeland.

I'm still not sure who the real bomber is. I assume it'll be part of some conspiracy, though, so that there is a hook for a second season. I hate conspiracies.
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Wow, I hate Grey's Anatomy, but thoroughly enjoy this show.

The flashback/everyone's got a secret angle reminds me of the early Lost episodes. It's got a bit of 24, a bit of Alias. There's the ridiculous romantic entanglements, but they're not central. It often draws comparisons to Blindspot, the other high-concept rookie police/espionage show with a strong female lead this year, but where I find Blindspot's premise unbelievable this one makes just enough sense to be OK.

I have a hard time picking out which scenes are the flashbacks and which are present day, so I'm generally lost for a bit if I leave the room while it's on. But other than that, I'm sticking with it.
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I liked how you had no idea who anyone 'really' was and I was down with a show that was just going to be that, but I think I'm about half way through and the good guys are good and the bad guys bad and I'm kind of let down by the clarity.
It's pretty wonderfully goofy.
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24 / Gossip Girl

Well I've watched all of 24 and my SO has watched all of Gossip Girl. I am intrigued, but possibly only intrigued enough that I watch it before she gets back and not when she is here, so I can hide it from her forever if it doesn't take. We'll always have The Blacklist.
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Ah, amazon uk says this doesn't exist, and not just to be complicit with the hiding.
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I started watching this because the roommate is hooked and she wants to get me hooked. It's pretty enticing overall, and I'm super intrigued by what's going on with the twins.

Also, I'm so glad Brian J Smith got killed in the first episode so he could keep doing Sense8
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I'm all caught up through the latest episode, waiting for new episodes now which should resume this Sunday. The 24/Gossip Girl comparison is pretty damn apt. I was never a fan of either, but so far I'm watching this mostly for the mystery aspect. The drama/relationships aspect is wearing really thin for me.

As soon as Caleb was looking for who his father is having the affair with, I went "I hope they're not going to be atrociously tropey and make it Shelby", and indeed...

Looks like I might just keep the DVR recordings and binge them at the end of the season. I would not want to keep up with this show week to week.
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I only watch "Quantico" for Priyanka's hair. I love her Bollywood nickname of "Piggy Chops."
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I have been trying to get into this, but it is so full of itself. I will give if a few episodes, but do not have high hopes

Season 2 is just plain annoying. Interesting story completely fucked over by idiot production choices.
How many chiches can on pack into an episode?
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I do enjoy guilty pleasure TV, and this is one, but Season 2 has me constantly thinking "If Jack Bauer were here instead of Alex Parrish he would have saved half of the hostages by now."

(He would have shot the other half in the kneecaps, but whatever.)
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