Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: My First Thanksgiving With Josh!
November 17, 2015 8:58 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Rebecca snags an invite to Josh's house for Thanksgiving, which goes well until it doesn't. Josh makes a decision he may regret. Paula literally lives vicariously through Rebecca. Meanwhile, Greg's ready to quit his job and go to business school until his sick father gets even sicker.

I don't really have time to do an awesome writeup because I needed to get my NaNo word count in, but I just wanted to say the following things:

(a) man, I hate diarrhea jokes
(b) Rebecca does give good parent
(c) We should be worried about Paula
(d) "Poor Valencia! And Josh!"
(e) Greg's song was absolutely blowing me away with the pain and awesome. I am really relating to him with that situation.
(f) Greg has the most cheerful, tolerant boss ever. Except for the "now you lost your seniority and have to clean the clogged toilet" bits.
(g) Greg, you know you shouldn't be hanging out with Rebecca...but it was cute.
(h) Josh's mom is a hoot.
(i) Josh's face at the end of the episode--regretting it already!
(j) Apparently angry sex is how that relationship lasts.
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Is this the first time we've seen Greg's Harry Dean Stanton-lookin' dad? I'm not the biggest fan of that subplot, but I did like Greg's song -- enough to IMDB Santino Fontana and find out he was the voice of Hans in "Frozen"? Crazy! And yes, Josh's face at the end was priceless. Also I loved Greg's boss.
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Paula is definitely getting (more) worrying. Real Life is a soap opera! Josh and Rebecca belong together! There have been multiple times where Rebecca has started to settle down and her Josh-obsession reduced, and Paula has hyped her back up. Her home life sucks, sure, and I suspect things will get worse for her.

This show is starting to give me the sads.
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enough to IMDB Santino Fontana and find out he was the voice of Hans in "Frozen"?

You just blew my mind.
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