The Adventure Zone: Ep. 27. Petals to the Metal - Chapter 10
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This is it. Our heroes are in a dead heat with The Raven, the finish line in sight. Who will emerge victorious? Who will end up with the mighty Gaia Sash? More importantly, is there any prize money for this thing? Taako does some sunbathing. Magnus gets shredded. Merle executes the weirdest brag ever.
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Really liked the way this was fleshed out. Didn't feel like I really knew Hurley well enough to be TOO choked up but it was a sweet ending to the story, overall. Curious about the dude who shows up at the end and glad to see another layer of connective tissue to the ongoing plot.
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I really really enjoyed this chapter, overall, but I felt that the fight with The Raven was a bit too deus ex machina for me. Between Taako's 200+ points of fire damage, Magnus' Railsplitter, Merle's nature magic and Hurley's monk badassery we could have had an actual boss battle, though maybe after the race, Griffin was ready to just get things closed out.
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I did like the post-commercial banter when all three of the heroes just talked simultaneously about the adventure they just had. I'm glad the McElroys never forget that their superpower is comedy.
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I actually did shed a few tears for Hurley! I love Griffin for creating good women characters in his world, and Taako, Magnus, and Merle for not trying to sex them up. I was really put off by the Flophouse takeover when there was so much rolling for handjobs from women NPC.

Happy to see the new incidental music is coming from inside the Dungeon Master's house too.
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I'm glad we finally got to the end of the race, and disappointed that it ended in a "beautiful romance, both lesbians dead" way.
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Someone on the MBMBAM Facebook fan page described this episode as "the Wacky Races/Fast And The Furious crossover that I never realized I needed in my life", which is entirely spot on.
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I've been really enjoying this, but have to admit that if I was playing in the campaign I'd be... a bit annoyed. The players were effectively spectators to that final battle (I thought it was pretty funny when Travis pointed out that Hurley hadn't rolled to do something). Also from a dming standpoint, Griffin keeps making the players roll for things that he needs them to pass for the plot to continue, so he has to give them another chance to pass it.

But you know, it's funny, and good to listen to, and that really does matter more than rules gripes.
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Have they mentioned Steven recently?
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There was some talk about him when Garryl was introduced as the party's second "pet," if I'm not mistaken.

Steven is Magnus's fish, right?
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Yep, encased in his ever-ready battle ball.
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