Adventure Time: Stakes
November 20, 2015 6:23 AM - Season 7, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Marceline must defeat each of the old vampires released back into the land of Ooo.

I figured it would be easier to discuss the entire mini-series instead of the individual episodes.
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Good call.

Question: Is the theme tune (featureing PB and Marceline) the new official theme song? Because bonus points for gender parity!

Also in terms of continuity will KOO continue to rule the bubblegum kingdom?

I so far have only seen the first 6, so I don't know how this plays out.
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I'm pretty sure the theme was just for the series.

When you finish, you'll know the answer to the other one.
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I really liked the mini-series, it was funny, heatfealt, bittersweat, and informative with the flashbacks into Ooo and Marceline's past.

And can I just say that Finn's hair deserves its own miniseries? It's simply glorious.
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This was a whole lot of fun, although I feel like the first two episodes promise a slightly richer story. I loved the flashback stuff with Marcy in Tank Girl Mode, and while the re-hunting of the vampires in the present was great, I'm not sure it was as strong. And we just...kinda...never came back to the surviving humans. Pretty sure AT would not go as dark as "and then Marcy became the Vampire Queen and straight up ate the last survivors of humanity, including a super adorable child," but yo: Are we sure that Marcy didn't become the Vampire Queen and straight up eat the last survivors of humanity, including a super adorable child??? (I presume not entirely, as the super adorable child is likely an ancient ancestor of Finn's, but still...)
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never came back to the surviving humans.

At the end of The Dark Cloud, we see a birds nest surrounded by a life ring in the foreground. I'm too lazy to carefully rewatch, I imagine there's a few more hints to their fate strewn about.
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"Angry stop sign coming out of a loaf of bread" sounds more like this regal fellow.
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Does this miniseries canonically make Marceline the only POC character in the main ensemble? I'm going by her Mother's half, rather than the demon side.
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Is Pink or Purple a color?
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This afternoon I realized that the song Rebecca Sugar made for Marceline's mom to sing to her, "Everything Stays", is about objects you leave outside fading in the sunlight. The miniseries and the flashback sequence both start with Marcy in the glare of the sun, about to be burned to a crisp. That (like everything about Marceline) makes me tear up a little, and I'm not sure why.
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When did Finn lose his Finn sword and get a wooden one? Did I miss something? Oh wait, is he using a stake-sword in this adventure? That makes sense.

Did anyone else find the scene where Marceline gets bitten as remarkably suggestive/dark for this show? Just me?

I think my favorite of all the things I loved about this was the times when the entire team was trying to attack and they were all messing it up. I can identify with that so much better than with typical fight scenes where every flying kick lands.

I really enjoyed being taken on a cohesive, long-form adventure with these characters.

I feel like this show is one of those things that my subconscious recognizes and likes. You know those things? Like your brain says "Yeah this sounds about right. This is correct."
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And we just...kinda...never came back to the surviving humans.

I think their animal hats were meant to suggest they would evolve into Susan Strong's people. Also didn't the one guy say they were going underground?
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In the beginning Marcy decides she wants to escape the darkness of her past so she removes it. But it just released bad stuff back into the universe. In the end, Marcy has to save the day by absorbing all that bad stuff back into herself with her big absorbent heart - the ultimate emotional labor. (Just watched it again) it's kind of a story about PTSD no? She was locked into the emotional age she was when that happened and couldn't grow up until she dealt with it and accepted that it would always be a part of her?
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It was kind of sad, I wanted to see Marcy get free of all that stuff and live her life.
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