Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!
November 23, 2015 10:13 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Josh is moving in with Valencia and he's not happy. Rebecca is taking pills she found on the floor. Who's actually happy? Paula, because a nice dude is actually interested in her.

Josh moves in with Valencia, who nitpicks everything down to the sage Josh bought her to clear the potential ghosts from the house. Josh tries to do something nice for her by getting her a table and having his boys help him put it together, all 72 steps of it. They end up telling him how much they hate “the table.” Of course Valencia hates it because she didn’t pick it out, tells Josh to unpack it all and take it back, then congratulates him for being smart and having that idea all by himself.
Rebecca’s bringing over a rice cooker and can see Josh ignore her call, so she does a little day drinking at work right before a big presentation with Calvin the bigwig. She gets sent home.

Rebecca cycles into depressionlandia, looking for random drugs to take off of people’s floors, hallucinating Dr. Phil, finally making a shrink appointment and then getting disappointed when the shrink won’t get her drugs, getting pot from neighbor Heather to bring her down off her manic floor pill high, climbing into the shrink’s door to steal her prescription pad... The shrink says she’ll not press charges if Rebecca gets therapy, but Rebecca bails the second Josh wants to get boba. Dr. Phil (for real) shows up at boba, so that’s awkward. Josh asks what Rebecca thinks of the table and both of them agree it’s perfect, and that they should go to Josh’s while Valencia isn’t there and slide in their socks.

Meanwhile, the utterly neglected Paula falls head over heels for Calvin the bigwig, and vice versa, and they’re about to hit the hotel room when Paula makes the mistake of answering her phone and telling Rebecca what’s going on. Rebecca and Heather stagger over there and Rebecca tries to dissuade Paula from doing this, and somehow both ladies and Calvin dissolve into tears and hugging while Heather declares this “literally the most entertaining day of my life.” The emotional Calvin notes that most people wouldn’t go for this sort of thing, but he likes Rebecca’s honesty and blunt emotion, so he’ll hire her.

Notable moments:
* The idea of checking Dr. Akopian’s vacuum for more pills.
* “Hullo, guv’nor, can I have some pills?”
* “I’m more of a domestic traveler.” --Calvin, after bragging that he goes literally everywhere and then Paula starts asking him about Europe.
* “I would kill for a trip to Fresno.” --Paula
* “Even Dr. Phil has go to have his boba.”
* Discussion of tandem parking and how dirty it sounds.

I want Paula to cheat on her husband SO BAD. Also, I loved her red dress.
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Good news for CEG fans - the CW has ordered five more episodes!
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Okay, I've just got time to jot down some quick thoughts:

--Again, this episode I loved Paula's song and voice, but the lip synching was off, which was distracting.

--Normally I can't stand Dr. Phil, but surprisingly he actually worked in this episode, which I would have heavily bet again before seeing it.

--Are the shots of the exteriors of the houses recycled from other TV shows or movies. Some of them look awfully familiar to me, and I can't place a finger on why.

--While, yeah! more episodes this season, I read some speculation that an extended order is a sign to the producers to wrap up their story as the odds of getting a second season are slim. I don't know how much validity that type of thinking has, but I thought I'd put it out there. Personally I'd rather see the show wrap up in a way that the creative powers are happy with rather than having it get picked up and then dropped in the middle of a story arc next year.
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Donna Lynne Champlin seems to be the only one who doesn't actually sing her numbers, so maybe she's not a singer at all and doesn't know how to fake it well?
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