Saturday Night Live: Matthew McConaughey / Adele
November 25, 2015 11:43 PM - Season 41, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Matthew McConaughey returns to host, Adele returns to sing, we witness a Thanksgiving Miracle, and Allen Degeneres asks, Should You Chime In On This?
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And, in a stunning twist going against long-running show tradition, the opening monologue consisted of an actual monologue.
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My favorite episode so far. McConaughey seemed up for it, most skits landed, Weekend Update improving with every show and I liked both sings.
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I haven't really watched the show except the occasional video that circulates social media. But that monologue was great, I love stories like that, and McConaughey is the type that can really tell it. I've watched a few other parts of this episode too, seems like the whole thing was great.
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Who, me? As for me, I liked all the sketch. This was a greatest shows.
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Bobby Moynihan as George Lucas was fantastic. I'd really like a webseries of him puttering around Skywalker Ranch, bored with retirement.
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Am I crazy, or did the 'Thanks, Adele' little girl look like Suri Cruise?
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